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Thanksgiving 365

This week’s holiday is one of my favorites. I love the focus on gratefulness for the things we have. And, of course, the food is pretty good, too.

We are super grateful to have you as a subscriber. Without you, we would not be able to carry on the work of informing, inspiring and empowering people to be their best. Thank you for your support. It means a lot.

After almost 18 years in business, SuccessNet is still about helping great people like you become even better. We’re just as committed as ever to helping you design, create and live your best life. We truly appreciate you.

Now, I recognize that many of our readers don’t celebrate Thanksgiving or at least are not celebrating it this week. But the art of gratefulness can—and I think should—be practiced all year long. I’ve said for many years that if you appreciate what you have, you’ll find yourself having even more to appreciate. And that’s because what we think about and how we feel about what we think about attracts more of the same. What you focus on expands.

This probably isn’t new information to you. But grasping the concept and PRACTICING gratefulness consistently are two different things indeed. Your attitude of gratitude truly is a powerful force. And it must be cultivated and nurtured lest the weeds of discouragement, despair and negativity take over.

If you start your day, live your day and end your day being specifically grateful for all you have in your life, you can’t help but improve your attitude and outlook.

One of my clients recently told me about a new hire who was extremely skilled and talented. This individual was head and shoulder above anyone else in her field. But she lacked a positive attitude and an openness to new ways of doing things. He wasn’t sure he could keep her on.
I’ve always advocated to “hire for attitude and train for skills” because it’s so much easier. A person with a good attitude will learn more and learn faster than someone who needs to learn to have a better attitude. My advice to my client was unless something changes quickly (not likely) to provide her with an opportunity to use her talents elsewhere.

A Formula for Gratefulness
Just before we go to sleep, my wife and I end each day by sharing three things we’re grateful for in our lives. It might be a thing, an experience, a feeling or a relationship. It’s whatever comes to mind.

We’ve done this for years and we’re thinking about adding it to our morning ritual as well. It’s much better to awaken and say, “Another wonderful day” than “Oh yuck, not another Monday.” A friend of mine says, “Every day above ground is a good day.” And yet another says it’s great to wake up looking at the right side of the grass.

All good attitudes. But intentionally calling to mind and saying specific things we’re grateful for having in our lives lays the groundwork for more happiness and having even more of those “things”.

It just may be that gratefulness leads to greatness. At the very least you’ll be happier and healthier. People will like being around you more and your outlook will be brighter.

Try it for 21 days. See the difference it makes. I’m willing to bet that you’ll end up making Thanksgiving a 365-day experience.

And let me know how you’re doing with it.

Dawn and I wish you and yours a truly Happy Thanksgiving.


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“Is Your New Program for Me?”

FrustratedWe got a message yesterday from an acquaintance who was wondering about our new Lifestyle Business System. I thought I’d share it with you because you might have similar questions. Her message went like this:

“Hi Michael. I’ve been watching your posts about your new course. Is there anything for me in this program, or do you actually have to own a business? I’m really trying to figure out a new way of earning a decent income. I’ve developed some health challenges and cannot continue working at what I’m doing. I know I can do better for myself and my family and was just wondering if this would help.

Thanks for your time. Looking forward to hearing from you!”

My response:

“Hi Debbie. Great to hear from you. Thanks for reaching out and asking about The Lifestyle Business System. I’m really sorry to hear of your health issues, and we wish you the best in dealing with them.

I’ll do my best to answer your question about whether or not LBS is for you or not. From that, I trust you can make a considered and informed decision for yourself.

Do I actually have to own a business? The short answer is no, you do not need to have a business to benefit from the course. But you would need to START a business—a simple, part-time, no risk, no bricks and mortar—something you can do from home with your computer and an internet connection.

And you don’t need to already have a business idea—although if you do, that’s fine. The course shows you exactly how to determine the best idea to marry your interests, passion and expertise into something that earns you an income. You can create steady streams of income by taking something in which you have genuine interest:  a hobby, career experience or cause—and monetize it.

Depending on the target market and subject matter you choose, it could be something that creates a few hundred dollars or several thousand dollars a month.

The course is designed to help you go from idea to income in just a few weeks. It contains 12 training modules (outlined at Lifestyle Business) with each one showing you the steps you need to take to create a customized, easy-to-start and easy-to-run micro business.

I believe that our golden years should be a time of doing part-time, meaningful and interesting work—creating value for others and earning income in return. And I think you deserve to do something that more fully utilizes your talents, knowledge and abilities than working for someone else.

It will take initiative on your part, for sure. But it’s not complicated, and it sure beats working on someone else’s schedule. It may take a few weeks or even months to start generating real money, but it is a proven system. In fact it’s the very same system we’ve used to build SuccessNet into the global enterprise it is today—just on a smaller scale.

If you haven’t already done so, I suggest you get and study the free report, “No Pension, No Portfolio, No Problem!” at Lifestyle Business. From there, take a look at the course offering (including syllabus and bonuses) on this page . . .

The course also contains two “courses within the course” that are worth almost as much as the entire LBS course itself—AND a lifetime Gold Membership in SuccessNet ($149 value).

After you look at the report and the course offering, you should be able to easily determine if this is a good match for you. And if you have specific questions, I will be more than glad to personally answer them for you.

Thanks again for contacting me. I hope we have a chance to help you create an income for you and your family with The Lifestyle Business System.

PS: It’s also something in which you can involve your children to grandchildren and help them create financial independence for themselves. Because profits ARE better than wages. 

Working at Wal*Mart, Cleaning Houses. Really?

lifestyle_couple_sidebarSomeone I play tennis with told me recently that the woman who cleans his house is 74 years old. Can you imagine that?

And every time I go to the grocery store, I see retirees working there.

I give them a lot of credit for their willingness to work. And maybe some of them just like to keep busy and earn a little extra money. But I’m guessing most of them simply aren’t able to get by very well without supplementing their Social Security checks.

It’s very sad.

According to a survey by the Employee Benefit Research Institute, more than half of all workers (56%) say they have less than $25,000 in savings.

And the Deloitte Center for Financial Services found that 58% of U.S. workers don’t have any retirement plan at all.

What’s YOUR plan?

Can you count on a pension? Do you have a couple of million in your IRA? Could YOU live on a social security check?

The vast majority of Baby Boomers simply can’t.

These are some of the reasons we created the Lifestyle Business System.

A lifestyle business is one that operates on your terms with lots of flexibility, low to no overhead, no risk and usually no employees. It works for YOU instead of you working for it. It’s simple and it’s part time. And ideally, it’s in harmony with your core values and leverages your many talents, skills, your knowledge and your expertise.

It sure beats punching a time-clock at Wal*Mart.

Our very complete (12-module) course shows you exactly how to create a micro-business that can generate extra income for you now and a retirement income when you leave your current job.

Special pricing for you is in effect now.

And it’s all explained on this page . . .

You deserve to create an income while doing meaningful and interesting work.

P.S. Just the tax benefits of having a business of your own can make it worth your while. Let us show you how to monetize your knowledge, skills and experience. Click here to see the syllabus . . .

P.P.S. If you don’t take this route, I hope you have another good plan. Because I don’t want you to end up like so many others.

Get our free report: No Pension. No Portfolio. No Problem!