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We Teach Best What We Need to Learn

Our theme for this month is Focus and Concentration. And one of the things we all need to focus on is increasing our knowledge and improving our skills. Investing in personal and professional development has lifelong pay-offs.

I believe that one of the best ways of learning and integrating knowledge is to teach it. When you organize and deliver information, you learn it at a much deeper level.

It’s one of life’s better deals: What knowledge we give away we get to keep. And with spaced repetition, we get to own it even more than when we first acquired it because it penetrates deeper into our psyche, and our brain makes more connections.

In the last year, eBook readers like Kindle and Nook have been selling like crazy. You can also get free readers for your computer, your tablet and your smart phone.

As publishers and authors, it became evident we needed to learn how to best format our books and reports, and make them available via Amazon Kindle and ePub format. And we’re pleased to announce that we have several SuccessNet SmartGuide now published.

You can see a list of them in our Amazon Store.

Publish and Sell on Amazon KindleOur latest SmartGuide is How to Publish and Sell Your Book on Amazon Kindle: Free, Fast and Easy. Using this simple guide, you can make your books (or reports) available to millions through the power of Amazon.

We researched all the best practices and now we can show YOU how to publish and sell with this easy, simple and quick-to-grasp SmartGuide. We took the complex and made it simple. We organized, encapsulated and systematized the best ways for you to format and sell your intellectual capital on Amazon.

It sells for only $9.99, but if you’re an Achievement Code or Diamond Club Member, don’t order it because it’s being sent to you at no cost.

Anyone else who wants to access this critical information and get your books and reports in this format for sale and distribution, go here . . .

If you’re looking to market yourself as an established authority, publishing a book (or even a booklet) is one of the best ways to do so.

If you haven’t already written your book, I encourage you to do so soon. Published authors are automatically elevated to a higher status with more credibility.

And if you have written a book, but don’t have it on Amazon Kindle, you are surely missing the boat.

Get your copy today right here . . .

And of course, you can always join The Achievement Code or Diamond Club and this SmartGuide will be available to you, along with hundreds of other products, resources and services—all at no additional cost.

I Remember Oh So Well . . .

The UPS truck arrived later than I had hoped it would.

I was anxiously awaiting the several boxes they were delivering and I knew what was in those boxes.

It was something I’d been working on for months. I knew exactly what they would look like.

But opening the first box and removing the first print book I’d ever written was something I will never forget.

The way those printed pages smelled, the way the book felt in my hands and the pride I felt in having published my first book was far more than I had anticipated.

Now, several years and two books later, I’m embarking on another even more exciting journey of writing and publishing a book: Getting What You Truly Want.

And you can be part of it.

You can learn the inner workings of book writing and publishing. You can have YOUR own book in less time and with less effort than you would think.

If you’ve already signed up for this new program (or are already in Diamond Club), then you have already received the access info for today’s first meeting of Contributing Authors.

But if you haven’t yet enrolled, time is quickly runningout. We will be closing enrollments soon.

You can access the replay of the webinar that explains

it all at right here . . .

Or get the low-down on the details and sign up in just a couple of minutes on this page . . .

Let’s have some fun.

Let’s learn together. I’d like your input as to what actually gets included in the book.

And I want to put your name in the book along with the others.

It starts today. This afternoon we lay the groundwork for creating and marketing a successful book.

I’ll also be announcing a whole new book series that you can be part of. It will be very big indeed and only the people on the call today will be privy to the

announcement–and sworn to secrecy.

If you can’t make it live, the replay will be available shortly afterward.

And next week, we start chapter one.

If you’re ready to get what you TRULY want, then become part of this experience.

Make it a great day


Michael Angier

PS: By enrolling in this program, you’ll even get a license to teach the material from the book.

If you want to help others as much as I do, the 3C Formula is a powerful way to do that.

PPS: This is a time to bet on yourself. This is a time to believe in your dreams. You can be opening your OWN box of books. Let’s get to work.
Click here . . .

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Prosperity is Attracted by Order, Tranquility and Clarity.

Prosperity is Attracted by Order, Tranquility and Clarity.

And it’s repelled by chaos, clutter and confusion.

Money and wealth seem to avoid drama, confusion and chaos but is attracted to a well-ordered existence.

If you wanted to invest your money with someone, would you want to invest with someone who was tranquil, organized and level-headed? Or would you want to fix your future on someone who was running around, screaming and shouting, with their life and business in disarray?

Apparently prosperity has the same inclination.

We invite you to take advantage of our eBook,
101 Best Ways to Simplify Your Life.

Written by Michael & Dawn Angier with Sarah Pond

Yes, You Can Lead a Simpler Life!

Now more than ever, we need to find ways to reduce the overwhelm and focus on the things that really matter.