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Best Way to Lighten Up Your Business in Dark Times

One of my new strategies for this year is to have more fun. More fun personally, more fun in business and more fun for our readers and members.

It’s not that we don’t have fun—we do. It’s just that we’ve decided to plan and experience more fun than we normally do.

And I couldn’t think of a better place to start brainstorming this idea than the spa on our back deck. Dawn and I jumped right into it, so to speak.

We first began thinking about what fun is. What constitutes enjoyment? What kinds of things have we done that we identify as fun? What’s joyful and entertaining? And what could we do more of to increase the fun factor?

The list grew pretty quickly.

What about you? How do you define fun?

What do you do, or what did you used to do, that’s fun?

What makes you laugh, smile or chuckle? Or better yet, burst out with a full-out, no-holds-barred belly laugh!

We would like to know how you go about—or plan to go about—making your life and your business more fun.

There’s plenty of gloom these days with the economy, wars, conflicts and troubles around the globe. But we’ll get through it.

The question is, will we survive or thrive? And how can we enjoy the ride?

We’re not looking to make light of these challenges but rather to lighten things up. I learned some time ago that you can be serious about things without being grim.

Besides, success is rarely created unless you’re having fun at it.

So we’re committed to making our life and our business more fun this year. You will see it in our mailings, our websites, our live events and in our products. And when you do, this strategy will have succeeded.

What would YOU suggest we do? What would make your experience of us more enjoyable?

And what ideas can you develop to experience more joy in your life?

If you send us your ideas, we’ll compile the best ones and share them with you in a later article or blog post.

Send your suggestions, personal observations and feedback to BeYourBest@SuccessNet.org with “FUN” in the subject line.

Or if you prefer, you can post a comment to this blog post below.

Remember, 2009 is your year to shine.

Let’s have some fun.

PS: Someone once wrote, “Life is too important to be taken so seriously.”

And Thomas Watson, former president of IBM, said, “You have to have your heart in the business and the business in your heart.”

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