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Arriving in Style

I remember years ago getting to an airport and seeing limo drivers holding up cards with names on them to meet people arriving. I’ve seen those name cards many times since, but my name has never been on them.

Until yesterday.

This time, the card read “Michael & Dawn Angier”. I couldn’t help but smile. No waiting for a cab, comfortable leather seats, friendly driver—the whole works.

Later in the day, a basket of cheese, fruit, designer water, truffles and other goodies was delivered to our beautiful corner suite—all courtesy of our gracious hosts, Vic and Lisa.

We are here spending the weekend with Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, Vic Johnson, nearly a dozen other great speakers and 400 other people committed to personal and professional growth.

I speak on Sunday. And as I was sitting in the audience this morning, I realized that I would be on the big screens at the front of the room. I’ve given quite a few talks over the years, but I think this is the very first time that my presentation will be projected on the “big screen”. How cool!

Two years ago this weekend, I met Jim Rohn for the first time. I’ve “known” him for over 25 years because I’ve listened to every single one of his recordings. In late July 2005, I flew to Anaheim, California to see him live. That weekend, I wrote down the goal to be on the same platform as Jim.

I did not do ANYTHING else to make that happen. I simply wrote it down. I started the creation process and The Universe completed it—without ANY further action on my part.

Earlier this year, when Vic asked me to speak in Chicago and in Atlanta, I just smiled and said, “OF COURSE”—with the same inflection for which Jim Rohn is so well known).

I share this with you not to boast but rather to inspire you. Because, not many years ago—when my life was upside down—I THOUGHT about these things. I KNEW I was not going to remain broke. I BELIEVED I would get on top, become wealthy, I VISUALIZED myself doing work that I love helping people around the world to improve their lives.

I THOUGHT myself to this place, and I will think my way to the rest of my dreams.

What are YOU thinking about?

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