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Are You Willing to Fight for Your Freedom?

I’m grateful to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. I’m an American and proud of it. I value greatly the freedom so many have paid for with their blood and even their lives.

And freedom is my number one core value.

Most, but not all, are willing to fight and even die for the freedoms we hold so dearly.

But what about our own personal freedom? In the free world, people have basic freedoms, but only a very small percentage are financially free. Instead they are enslaved to debt, a job or even a business.

Even in this land of opportunity, I see far too many who do not have and do not seem willing to fight for their financial independence. Yet stories abound of people who have come from nothing and gone on to achieve great success. So it is possible—even probable—if you follow the principles of success.

But why are they in such a minority? There may be minimum wage laws, but there are no laws to prohibit one from earning as much as they would like–at least not yet.

Does it seem too hard?

It seems to me that working hard, often for someone else, for 40 years is a lot harder than really going for it and claiming your complete independence.

Some people have told me that to be financially independent they would need AT LEAST a million-dollar portfolio. I know others who think 5 to 7 million is what they would need to retire.

I believe you can find your freedom for much less.

There are many people who earn 2 and 3 times what we earn, but don’t have half the freedom and flexibility we have. They work hard and long, have nice toys, but VERY LITTLE time to enjoy their life and their families. That’s not freedom.

Real freedom isn’t just in how much you make, it’s in how much you keep, and more importantly, how much time you get to enjoy your life. I see time as being the new gold of the 21st century.

Because of choices we have made, we are fortunate to do work we love from a beautiful home with flexible hours, earn a good living and make a difference in peoples lives every day. For us, THAT’S freedom.

I urge you to think carefully about what your freedom means to you. What would it be like to live your life on your terms?

It makes no sense to me to have the basic freedoms we enjoy and not go all the way and create a life with complete freedom. By adding value, living an authentic life and creating a lifestyle of your own making you can live free.

Isn’t that worth fighting for?

Get clear on what you really want. Concentrate on your priorities and consistently take action toward your day of freedom.

We’d like to help you celebrate that.

Set some milestones along the way. And enjoy the ride.

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