Are You Using the ‘F’ Word in Your Work?

One of the things I see people doing is making work harder and less enjoyable than needed.

I understand that not everything we do seems fun. But almost anything can be made more interesting. If we’ve got to do the work anyway, why not make it as fun as we can?

If we can’t delegate it or outsource it, let’s look for ways to make it more enjoyable.

Here’s a few ideas. I’m sure you can think of others. If you look for ways to make what you do more fun, you’ll find them. If you DON’T look and you focus on how tedious your task is, you’ll find only boredom.

Sometimes you can make a game out of a dull task or project. Score it. Maybe add some end zone ‘high fives’.

Or maybe you can get someone to help you with your not-so-fun project and you help them with one of theirs. It’ll make the time go by faster and you might find their job more interesting than they do because you haven’t done it before—and vice versa.

Give yourself a silly reward for the completion of a task.

Approach it like when you were a child. Think of it as a brand new experience. Or do it in a different way than you’ve done it before.

Tom Sawyer’s ploy to get the fence whitewashed is a great example of both getting help and making a dull task seem interesting—and even fun.

Like so much else in life, it’s not what we do, it’s not what happens to us, it’s our attitude and what we do about it that makes a difference.

Have fun today. Enjoy the ride.

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