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Are You Consistent in Your Business Practices?

Warning: You may be losing customers because they don’t receive a consistent experience from you.

One of the strategic advantages a franchise business has over other business models is the consistency of the customer’s experience.

You might argue that many fast food franchises are not very high quality and you would be right. McDonalds doesn’t make the best hamburgers and Dominos Pizza doesn’t make the best pizza pies. But they excel in large part by delivering the same thing in the same way. The customer gets what they expect. They are predictable and consistent.

And that works.

So what does this have to teach those of us who don’t have a franchise? I submit that we can all do a better job of delivering consistency.

You see, when a customer has a good experience, it’s critical to replicate that experience for them each and every time. Even if you deliver a good experience in subsequent transactions, if it’s too different, it won’t feel quite right to them. You will have changed the expectation and they will be confused.

And a confused mind takes no action. If the customer is surprised, bewildered or confused, they may stop doing business with you. And they may not even be able to tell you why.

They just sense that something didn’t feel, look or taste like it did before. The pattern was altered and disharmony crept in.

You can have lots of cohesive elements to your business, but even ONE thing can create discord and take away from the harmony.

It’s all part of becoming and remaining dependable.

There are numerous ways in which we can be more consistent.

Our packaging, colors, timing and logo should all contribute to this consistent intention. The way things feel, look, smell and taste are all part of the customer experience and they should all work together.

I suggest taking a close look at how consistent—or inconsistent—your business practices are. Make it a priority to have all aspects of your product or service consistent.

Look at every aspect of your business from prospect to customer and dig deep to discover pockets of inconsistency.

By doing so, you will improve your brand, increase loyalty and grow your business faster.

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