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Press Release: Michael Angier named a Paul Harris Fellow from Rotary International

RotaryMichael Angier, founder and president of, has been honored with a Paul Harris Fellowship by the Rotary eClub of Rotary International.

District Governor 5450 Steve Cantrell formally presented Angier’s Paul Harris Award at their Annual Dinner in Birmingham, England last month.

DG Cantrell advised the assembled guests from around the world that, “Over the past five years, Michael Angier has been the most-read contributor to the Programs section of the Rotary E-Club One website”.

Cantrell went on to say Mr. Angier’s articles, “. . . generate more responses from Rotarians visiting for make-ups than any other author featured on our site.”

The club paid tribute to Angier’s, “ . . . commitment to others which exemplifies ‘Service Above Self’ and declared him to be a most worthy person to be recognized as a Paul Harris Fellow.”

The Paul Harris Fellowship is named for Paul Harris, who founded Rotary with three business associates in Chicago in 1905. It is awarded to individuals when a club believes the recipient’s life exemplifies the humanitarian and educational objectives of the Rotary Foundation.

Michael Angier is an internationally published author and founded SuccessNet in 1995. SuccessNet has over 97,000 subscribers from around the globe and has become one of the largest and most trusted online resources for personal and professional development. Listed as one of the top three most-visited personal development and business success sites on the web, SuccessNet provides practical information, resources and ideas for small business growth. The company is dedicated to helping people and businesses grow and prosper.

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