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A HUGE Missed Opportunity

On a national morning news program the other day, two men were being interviewed about their new business.

It seems that these laid-off workers decided to start a business fixing up foreclosed properties so the bank can get a better price for them.

They go in, spritz things up and everybody wins. Sounds good, right?

When asked how their business was doing, they said things were starting off slowly, but looked promising.

And here was where these guys missed out on a golden opportunity.

Remember, they are on national news with millions of viewers. The interviewer asked how someone could contact them and they rattled off two phone numbers. The numbers were not flashed on the screen and even if they were, hardly anyone would have been able to write them down if they were interested.

But with just a little bit of planning, they could have had a website or blog up with a catchy URL. Something like or (both of which are available as I write this).

With something memorable, they could have capitalized on their windfall PR and gotten more business than they could handle.

It might even have been the beginning of a franchise with hundreds, maybe thousands of franchisees.

It pointed up to me more than ever just how important it is for EVERY business (big or small) to have an online presence.

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