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Florida Pluses & Minuses

Many people have been asking about our recent move to Florida, so I thought it would be fun to share the Top Ten Pluses and Minuses of Living in Florida


1. Sunny, warm weather in winter—and no snow!
2. Longer days because of the lower latitude—and getting dark later because of being on the western end of the eastern time zone.
3. This house! Bigger and better and at a 50% discount. More on that later.
4. More choices on health insurance—and less expensive.
5. Having a guest house for people to stay with us.
6. New friends.
7. Living on a golf course in Silverthorn.
8. A country club without a country club attitude.
9. No state income tax.
10. Our lanai, pool, spa and waterfall.


1. Being so far away from friends and family—especially our granddaughter, Marielle.
2. Not being on a first-name basis with the governor and lieutenant governor—at least not yet.
3. Dealing with the envy that people have of us moving here—even before we retired.
4. More expensive insurance on house and car (hurricanes, I’m guessing).
5. No mountains to look at.
6. Sailing on Lake Champlain.
7. Those beautiful, dark Brazilian Cherry floors at South Pointe.
8. Our Hot Springs Vanguard Spa.
9. Having to learn all the systems and mechanicals for this big house.
10. Address changes, car registration, new FL licenses, etc.

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Friday Freebies: Interview & Marketing Matrix

Quick reminder that our 6th SuccessNet Summit “Meet the Expert” call is tonight, Thursday, Oct. 22nd at 8PM ET.

Carrie Wilkerson blasted onto the Internet marketing scene just two years ago and quickly skyrocketed to a 7-figure business.

Join me tonight as I interview “The Barefoot Executive”.

Call Details
Date: Thursday, October 22, 2009
Time: 8:00pm Eastern
To attend and ask Carrie questions, use this link

Marketing Matrix
Free for Members, only $3.95 for those not yet members.

The Marketing Matrix was designed by Jack Bolowskie and a Marketing Mastermind Group comprised of business owners, marketing experts and business coaches.

The Matrix helps you organize, plan and develop consistent action steps to better market your products and services and increase your business.

It’s a simple tool for developing and improving the Multiple Streams of Income that feed your business. For each product or service you offer, there are a series of questions. Your responses to these questions become your action steps.

The Matrix will help you focus on the actions that improve the position of one or more products. Take special note of the tactics that benefit more than one income stream.

Your commitment to taking those action steps CONSISTENTLY will increase your business.

Remember, the more you focus on effective actions that benefit your income streams, the more your business will grow.
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What People Want

We recently purchased the services of a company we didn’t know existed. Heck, we didn’t even know the service they provided was available.

I have two reasons for sharing this experience with you. First, to try and stimulate your thinking about what people really want and how you might fill that desire—even when your potential customer doesn’t even KNOW they want it.

And second, because it’s a good example of how valuable press releases can be.

A few weeks back, I sent out a few press releases about our upcoming SuccessNet Summit in Dallas. One result from those press releases was a feature article about me and SuccessNet in our local paper, The Burlington Free Press. In fourteen years, this is the first article they’ve ever done on our company.

Now this isn’t exactly Newsweek Magazine, but it is the biggest newspaper in Vermont. And the article was the largest in the paper that day, very favorable and with no less than four pictures. Great press for sure.

But they never would have interviewed me or run the article had they not received our press release. You can see the article online here.

From this exposure, we’ve already gotten scores of new subscribers and members. And so far, I’ve been invited to speak and facilitate at three events.

Press releases are inexpensive and easy to do. And as you can see, they do pay off sometimes. So don’t neglect them as part of your overall marketing strategy.

DisplayNow for the rest of the story. With such a positive article, we thought it would be nice to have it matted and framed, so we were going to take it to a frame shop to have it done.

But before we got to do that, two different companies contacted us offering to provide this service. Apparently these businesses watch for nice articles in various publications and contact the subjects to see if they would like a professional display of the article.

We chose a company called “That’s Great News” who was even willing to create it and send it to us for our approval before paying for it. We negotiated a little on the price and the result was a very impressive display that’s guaranteed not to fade. It will be a nice addition to our “wall of fame”. You have one started for your company, don’t you?

Now you may have heard of this kind of service but we had not. I thought it was a great example of how someone saw a need and filled it. I’m guessing that there are many people who have the thought of getting their article framed but never get around to it.

These folks made it super easy for us. They did a great job and probably did it better than our local frame shop would have done and for very little money.

Many people try to sell others what they need. I say sell people what they want, and give them what they need.

Action Steps:
Find a want. Find a niche. Fill one that isn’t being filled or do it better than someone else is doing it, and you have a business.

Don’t miss opportunities to send out press releases. You never know when they will result in articles, interviews and new business.