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Extreme Business Makeovers

Last weekend, Dawn and I, along with my daughter Sarah attended Bob Burg’s and Thom Scott’s 2nd Annual Extreme Business Makeovers event in Orlando.

I was honored to be one of 12 great speakers who delivered boatloads of practical business-building content over the 3-day event.

It was an extremely well-organized and highly professional. It was great being picked up by a limo driver and delivered to our spacious 2-bedroom suite where a fresh fruit and cheese basket had already been delivered. Bob & Thom are a class act, for sure.

Attendees were furiously taking notes all weekend, and everyone—ourselves included—came away with many pages of actionable strategies we can use to grow our business bigger and better. And the connections we made were even more valuable.

One of the speakers I met was Bill Bartmann, who was at one time the 25th richest man in America.
Stay tuned to hear more about him in the weeks ahead as he has some great programs we’ll be telling you about.

Bob Burg is a motivational speaker extraordinaire and author of The Go-Giver, one of the most inspiring books I’ve read in many years. It’s a great story about a “go-getter” who learns the 5 Laws of Stratospheric Service. If you want to learn them, you should get this book.

He’s also the author of Endless Referrals—along with many others. I’m sure you’ll agree that our best new business comes from referrals, so how would it be to have an endless stream of new customers. It’s another great book you should have in your library.

At least three of the speakers in Orlando will be at our SuccessNet Summit here in Vermont in early September. We’ll be announcing the details of this exciting event on Tuesday, July 1st. So stand by.

The dates are September 6 and 7. Watch for the launch as well as the free Teleseminars with the speakers in July and August.

A Quick and Easy New Search Tool—from your Cell Phone!

Note: You may already know about this, but I didn’t want to assume you did because this is very handy.

Now you can do all sorts of searches from your cell phone and get the results back in seconds via a text message.

For example, I texted “weather 05403” and got the latest forecast for my city.

Here’s how to use this free service . . .

Set up a new contact for Google in your mobile phone. You do this by entering “Google” in your address book and then lock in this mobile number 466-453.

Let’s say you want to know the sushi restaurants in the Hollywood: text “sushi restaurants 90210” then send the text message to “Google” in your address book.

Need to look up a word, text “define __word_” and get back the definition.

Want real time stock quote? Type “stock IBM” and get the latest trading price for Nig Blue.

From your computer go here and you’ll see all the commands you can use. You can even test them out in the box they give you.

Try it!

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