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 2005 Articles
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 December 2005
You Have More of a Team than You Might Think
You may not be as alone as you thought. Even if you're a solopreneur, you DO have a team. See for yourself.
Filet Mignon on the 50-Yard Line
Michael shares a very cool experience and some observations about winning teams.
Have You Ever Been Intimidated?
Most people have. How do you deal with intimidating people? This article tells how.
The Top Ten Ways to Stay Focused on Your Objectives
Consistency is one of the most important keys to achieving successful outcomes. Here are some ways to maintain your focus, your energy and your optimism while pursuing your goals.
 November 2005
Make it a R-E-A-L Holiday Season
It's time again to reflect on the challenges and successes of 2005 and think ahead to 2006. What changes can I—should I—make in the New Year?
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The Gift of Gratefulness
It costs nothing and yet provides awesome value. Do you give the gift that really does keep on giving?
What Do You Mean You're Not Creative?
You ARE creative—and more so than you think. Learn how to begin developing your creative talents.
What Kind of an “Experience” Do You Give Your Customers?
Do you sell only products or services? Are you sure?
Get to the Point, PLEASE! - The Power of Being Pithy
Do you talk too much or too long? If you do, you may be losing your audience and diluting your ability to influence.
 October 2005
Is This What it's Like to Die?
See what Michael's near-death experience might mean to you.
Honor, Respect and Acknowledgment, by Michael Angier
A moving ceremony acknowledges some real American heroes 61 years after the fact.
Top 10 Things I Know for Sure, by Michael Angier
Do you know what you know for sure? Really? See what Michael came up with when he asked himself this question.

Hurricanes & Wildfires: How Would YOU Handle Losing Everything?
When the ship goes down, when all is lost, we have some tough decisions to make. What would you do?

When is it Time to Make a Change?, by Michael Angier
How do you make decisions? How's it working for you? Michael shares a few insights into the way he thinks about decisions and deciding when to change things up.
 September 2005
Discover How to Have Multiple Income Streams, by Michael Angier
Do you have more than one source of income? How many? How many SHOULD you have? Find out how easy it is to diversify your income by using the Internet.
Outrageous Business Growth—The Fast Track to Explosive Sales in Any Economy,
by Debbie Bermont
Apply these fundamental principles and you, too, can build a wildly successful business without a website and a large marketing budget.
An Excellent Reason to Become Wealthy, by Michael Angier
Are you a philanthropist yet? Do you plan to be? Learn why it's incumbent upon us to become rich and prosperous—not only for ourselves, but others as well.
Lifelong Learning, by Michael Angier
Do we ever really graduate? Do we need to be reminded about what we already know?
 August 2005
How Much Should You Give?, by Michael Angier
When have you given too much? When have you not given enough? And where should you give?
The Weight of Your Words, by Michael Angier
What we say always carries weight. And you don't have to be a "brat" in order to have them weigh you down.
What's the Shape of Your Company? by Michael Angier
What's goes on in the company is shaped by the CONTEXT of the company. Do you know what yours is?
The Eighth Wonder of the World by Michael Angier
Einstein's view of man's greatest discovery will surprise you. Michael's example will, too.
 July 2005
What's Really Behind Lance Armstrong's Spectacular Success? by Michael Angier
This seven-time Tour de France champion has much to teach us. See what Michael thinks is number one.
When Nothing Goes According to Plan, by Sarah Pond
Sarah shares a key strategy for what to do when nothing seems to be going right.
A Purpose-Driven Life isn't Quite Enough, by Michael Angier
See how aligning everything you do with your core values can make your entire life less stressful and more fulfilling.
What Are You Doing? Are You Sure?, by Michael Angier
Are you truly serving in the best way? Are you meeting the needs of your clients or are you providing what you THINK they want?
 June 2005
Staying Ahead of the Game, by Michael Angier
Using the peer-to-peer method of continuing education, increasing your knowledge and creating profitable networks.
Creating Systems that Work for You, by Michael Angier
Being married to a tech-wizard, who can streamline your life and business, is a good thing. Luckily, Michael never takes his wizard/wife for granted. Learn more about what (and who) makes SuccessNet tick
here . . .
How to Lighten Up and Not be So Hard on Yourself! by Michael Angier
What do you do when you feel stuck, and you're blaming yourself for being in a difficult place? It's not a time to beat up on yourself, it's a time to lighten up. Here's how . . .
Do You Know What They REALLY Want? by Michael Angier
To attract and keep customers, we need to truly know their needs and wants. Here's a simple process to elicit what's in the hearts and minds of our prospects and clients.
Letting Go of "Stuff", by Michael Angier
In order to have more of what you want in your life, you need to make the space for it. One of the most effective and simple methods to clear out your space to make room for what you want, even metaphorically speaking, is to de-clutter your physical environment. Good things happen when you clear the junk out of your life. See how Michael began the process last weekend.
 May 2005
Just How Much Responsibility Should We Take? by Michael Angier
It's important to be personally responsible, but it's also important not to take on too MUCH responsibility.

What's it Mean to Be Your Best, by Michael Angier
This is your life. It's not a dress rehearsal. It's the real thing. So what are you doing with it?

You Have to Start Over, by Michael Angier
We all do. If you truly want to be successful, you have to become good at starting over—even when you don't feel like it.
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The Power of Having a Veto, by Michael Angier
Relationships can be tricky, especially when you're in the middle of a 24-hour, 1,500 mile car trip, during a storm, with your spouse and a cat. Learn how Michael and his wife, Dawn, moved beyond a potential relationship roadblock.
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 April 2005
Your FICO Score
Be prepared the next time you approach a financial institution for a loan. Protect yourself from identity theft, know exactly where you stand with creditors and save money.
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Telling the Truth is a Loving Act, by Michael Angier
It's not easy, but it's simple. It can be tough, but it's kind. And most of all, it'll set you free.
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Develop the Quality of Unstoppable Persistence, by Dr Jill Ammon-Wexler
There is one particular quality that will help you succeed like no other. It's the same quality that separates those who succeed from those who don't. Discover what this important quality is and four simple steps to develop it.
Members read article here . . .
When is it Great Enough?, by Michael Angier
When you're working on an important project, how do you know when it’s done? When do you step back and say, "Yes, that’s complete"? It seems like a simple thing, but sometimes it’s difficult to recognize that moment when your project is perfectly done.
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Do You Ask Why Questions?, by Jan Tincher
If you’re looking for answers, you must ask the right questions. Learn what kinds of questions to ask to get the answers that will move your life forward.
Members read article here . . .
Simple Steps to Reduce Your Taxes, by Wayne M. Davies
If you grudgingly pay your taxes year after year without giving it much thought, you have a tax problem. By reducing your taxes, you're building your wealth.
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There's No Limit to Prosperity, by Michael Angier
Prosperity is defined as the state or condition of flourishing or being successful—especially financially. We add to this definition with the fact that there is no limit to your capacity for prosperity.
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 March 2005
Simplifying Our Life: We Tried Before—Now We Will! by Michael Angier
Ever thought about selling all your worldly possessions and heading out on the open road with your soul mate? That's exactly what we're doing.
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10 Steps to Coach Yourself to Success! by Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler
You want to experience real success, right? Here's how you can learn to help yourself achieve what you want.
Members read article here . . .
You Bet it's Personal—It's Business!, by Michael Angier
We're halfway through the first decade of a fresh new millennium. Yet old-school business principles are still prevalent. We turn one of those principles on its head. Discover a fresh new way of approaching the connection between business and personal relationships.
Read below article here . . .
What Can We Learn from Martha Stewart, by Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler
Bouncing back from difficult times and making the most of adversity are excellent qualities--or are they skills? Learn what resiliency is and how becoming more resilient can benefit you. If Martha can bounce back, so can you!
Members read article here . . .
How a World Class Company Saved Me $1,100, by Michael Angier
Michael shares a recent experience that started out badly and ended up World Class. You can read it yourself, or listen to Michael tell the story.
Members read article here . . .
Turning Ideas into Income, by Michael Angier
What's an idea worth? It can be worth a lot if you take action and worth nothing if you don't. Learn how Michael sold an idea.
Read below or online at . . .
Ten Steps to Solving Any Problem, by Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler
Any problem, no matter how complex, can be solved if approached with a creative strategy. Here are ten steps to getting your mind in an optimal problem-solving state.
Members read article at . . .
Good Judgment vs. Being Judgmental, by Michael Angier
What does it mean to be judgmental? How do we know when we're being judgmental? How can we express our opinions without infringing on others' right to their opinions?
Discover the answers here . . .
Are You Making this Success-Killing Mistake?, by Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler
Got goals? How many goals have you had in your life that just never happened? There is a way to set a goal so you'll not fail. Achieve the very next goal you set.
Members read article here . . .
The Ability to Respectfully Disagree, by Michael Angier
It's perfectly normal to disagree with people. But many of us feel uncomfortable expressing our differing point of view. Here's a method to offer your point of view, even when it doesn't agree with someone else's.
Members read article here . . .
Getting Back to Basics, by Michael Angier
Life can become very complex. We need to unplug from the complexities every now and then, in order to connect with the things that really matter. Discover how and why.
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Being Responsive, by Michael Angier
Some things are hard to hear, especially when it's a complaint or criticism. Some people get defensive, some bury their heads in the sand. Find out what SuccessNet did.
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 February 2005
Staying On Track, by Michael Angier
If you have a goal, you must persevere along a path that leads you in the direction of the goal. Otherwise, you’ll never get there. To help yourself stay on track, take the time to craft a mission statement. Nothing will help you reach your destination more than a clear mission statement. Learn the how's and why's.
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Do Something Different, by Michael Angier
The first step in any sales process is to gain the attention of your prospective customer. Without doing this, there's no way to get your message across and no way to make a sale—unless it's by accident.
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Why You Don't Write Your Book, by Suzanne Falter-Barns
You have a book in you, just waiting to get out. Problem is, you never seem to overcome all those obstacles that block you from writing it. Here’s real help from someone who’s been there.
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Is Your Relationship a Ten?, by Michael Angier
No relationship is perfect because no human is perfect. Relationships don’t come with instruction manuals, but there are ways to build better relationships. Michael Angier reveals a simple process that anyone can use to strengthen important relationships.
Members read article here . . .
Who's On Your Team?, by Michael Angier
Life is not a solitary game and neither is business life. Even if you run a one-person show, you need support and input. Building and maintaining a good team can make the difference between success and struggle.
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Are You a "Can-Do" Person?, by Michael Angier
The world values a "Can-Do" person. Instead of looking for obstacles, some people find solutions and just get the job done. These are the ones who get ahead.
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What Do You Value Most?, by Michael Angier
There is a commonality among people who live fulfilled, meaningful and brilliant lives: they each possess a clear sense of their core values. If your life lacks meaning, fulfillment and brilliance, it’s likely that you have only a vague sense of your values. Transform your life by living your core values.
Members read article at . . .
Are Your Eyes Wide Open?, by Michael Angier
Is the glass half full or half empty? Discover why optimism is good, but optimism with a dash of realism is even better.
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January 2005
Three Big Mistakes that Cost You, and Your One-Person Business, Big Money!, by Pat Wiklund
Most one-person businesses don't flounder because their products or services are below par. They struggle because their owner's lack of business skills or business practices gets in the way of being profitable.
Members read article here . . .
What the Coach Meant by "Being Perfect," by Michael Angier
A lot of emphasis is placed on achieving perfection. But what is perfect? What does it mean to be perfect? Discover a new perspective on perfection.
Read article here . . .
Clean Up Your Marketing, by Charlie Cook
Has your once well-organized marketing plan come to resemble the jumble of stuff in your closet? You really CAN get it back in shape.
Members read article here . . .
Remain Calm, Cool and Collected, by Michael Angier
How do you react in a crisis? We all like to imagine that we'll be superheroes when faced with adversity and chaos, but what if panic takes over? Maintaining a cool head is a skill you can learn.
Read article here . . .
Developing Good Judgment, by Michael Angier
Good judgment is often the difference between struggle and success. There are two ways to learn good judgment: the hard way and the easy way. Discover, right now, what the easy way is and how to access it.
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An Easy Approach to Breakthrough Thinking, by Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler
You have the ability to solve most of your problems. Give yourself the opportunity with this simple technique. All you need is a little time, a pen and paper.
Members read article here . . .
High Need, Low Power; Low Need, High Power, by Michael Angier
Always put yourself in the strongest possible position by applying this principle for maximizing your power. Once you understand this principle, you’ll change the way you deal with others.
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Make Walking an Every-Day Priority, by Ali Wegner
Did you know that the human body is designed for walking? Like a horse is engineered to run, your body is functioning at its peak capacity when you’re walking. You can walk your way to fitness with a little motivation.
Members read article . . .
Make 2005 "The Year of the Customer" and Enjoy 8 Ways Loyalty Pays, by JoAnna Brandi
Customer loyalty equals better business. Strong customer loyalty pays off in increased sales, word-of-mouth marketing and longer customer retention. Discover 8 reasons it should matter to you.
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The Six Human Needs, by Michael Angier
If you sell a product or service, ask yourself what needs you're fulfilling for the customer. Learn the basic needs that motivate everyone--including you.
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Acknowledgement, by Michael Angier
Read about my experience at the Governor's inauguration and ball. Learn the powerful principle I saw in action that day and try it for yourself.
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50 Things That Really Do Matter, by Lee Wise
In this day and age, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by too much news, information, tasks and responsibilities. Take a breather from it all and remember what really matters.
Members read article.
6 Ways to Keep Your Mental Batteries Charged, by Charlotte R. Farrior
Do you feel run down? Need a boost? Discover simple and effective strategies to recharge your batteries.
Members read article.
Banking Doesn't Have to Be a Chore, by Michael Angier
SuccessNet doesn’t use banks anymore. You don’t have to, either. Learn why and how we stopped getting the run-around at the bank.
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