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Nine Steps to Stabilize Your Business
Acey Gaspard has some practical steps we can take to keep our business sound during the war of the new millennium.
Listen, Pause, Clarify & Validate
We all know that listening is even more important than speaking when it comes to good communication. But how DO we really listen?
How to Create a Good Self-Image
We don't know anyone who has too good of a self-image. But Craig Lock knows some ways we can improve ours.
Need a Job? Stop Looking by Yourself
You don't have to go it alone. Deborah Brown shares several ways you can get help.
Don't Be a Doormat, Assert Yourself
Mike Moore believes you really can learn to make yourself "heard."
Get the Most From Your Coaching
Even if you're not a professional coach, you still probably coach someone. Tom Leonard knows how to coach and he shares ten tips that will work for you.
Learning from the Masters
Tony Callahan tells us his top ten traits that many leaders have used to get to the top.
Inspiration Page: It's Easier
A great little poem that tells it like it is. It's even easy to read.
December Bits and Pieces
Dawn shares her collection of tidbits guaranteed to inspire, inform and entertain you.  
The Power of Previewing
Ron Sathoff shares with us a key—and often-overlooked—success factor to making a good presentation.
Loyalty Rules
Can you really cultivate loyal customers? JoAnna Brandi says you can—and even tells you how.
But I Don't Want to Wait THAT Long
Charles Burke says success requires patience. But few are willing to pay the price.
Top Ten Tips for a Completely Stress-Free Day
Alex Fitzpatrick has some practical recommendations for living your days free from stress.
Are You Standing in the Way of Your Next Job?
If you're looking for a new job, you may be doing things that make it more difficult to find what you're looking for. Deborah Brown points out several pitfalls.
Attention Please—May I Have Your Attention?
Gary Lockwood shares his insights about the competition for our attention and the role it plays in our ability to focus on what works.
Author/Speaker/Trainer/Coach/Consultant Tim Conner shows the power of passion and its impact on your success.
November Bits and Pieces
Dawn shares her collection of items guaranteed to inspire, inform and entertain you.
Seven Steps for Eliminating Your Debt
Scott Bilker has some simple, straightforward tips on getting out of debt—something we all should strive for.
Three Choices
What would you do if being hired was dependent upon your innovative answer to a hypothetical situation? Are you up to the challenge?
The Top Ten Ways to Triumph During Transitions
We all encounter the "whitewater" of transitions. But do we know how to navigate the rapids of change? Lois Raats has some excellent ideas on how to recognize and manage these times.
The Power of 90 Seconds
Arlen Busenitz gives several examples of how 90 Seconds can transform your life. 
You Can Find Gold In Hawaiian Rainbows— A Lesson In How To Become a Proactive Optimist
Randy Gilbert, a native of Hawaii, shares the magic of the rainbows and what they can teach us about optimism.
How to Get Re-Motivated
So how DO we get motivated? What IS motivation? Michael Angier shares several ways we can get moving again.
Feeling Our Way Back to the New Normal
We're realizing that life will never get back to normal. Rather we're beginning to grope our way toward the New Normal way of life. Kare Anderson offers some suggestions on how we might do just that.
Ten Terrific Self-Motivating Tips
How can we motivate ourselves? In this article, Mike Moore outlines specific steps we can take to get ourselves moving in the right direction.
Ready, Fire . . . Aim!
Dale Calvert tell us three simple ways to dramatically increase our productivity.
Don't Overlook the Three Special Benefits Every Customer Wants from You
"Give the customer what they want" is a time-tested maxim. But what DO they want? Bob Leduc provides three key things our clients are looking for. 
New Beginnings
It's always nice to have a chance to start over and Michael Angier thinks September is a great month to do just that.
Did You Choose Your Career?
Or Did It Choose You? There's no reason to do work you don't love. Deborah Brown gives us seven steps to make the right career change.
Are You Accounting Your Way to Success?
Darren Roberts is. He shares his insights into playing the numbers of business.
Expressions of Gratitude
There's a lot more to saying "thank you" than just the words. JoAnna Brandi, an expert in customer retention, tells a personal experience of how powerful grateful expressions can be.
Two Heads Are Better Than One
Markus Allen offers his tips on creating and running a marketing mastermind. And his suggestions are germane to any success team—whether focused on marketing  or something else.
How Your Stories Are
Your Seeds for Change and Originality

Kare Anderon believes stories are far more than just entertaining conversation. It's a way to dramatically enhance your communication skills.
Top Ten Ways to Handle Email
Here are Michael's top ten ways to sort, filter, organize, discard and systematize your inbox. 
Inspiration Page: Rocks, Pebbles and Sand
This story popularized by Stephen Covey offers a graphic example of how we need to put first things first.
September Bits & Pieces
Dawn offers up her usual cornucopia of insight, sizzle sites, wit and wisdom.
Success: It's a People Thing A quick story told by Dr. Ken Robertson about lessons learned by a young sojourner.  08/01/01
9 Tips to Increase the Odds of Your Success in a Small Business Check out these ideas (and reminders) from Meir Liraz on how you can position yourself to win in the game of business. 08/01/01
Reach Your Goals with Efficiency  We can all use help in managing our time better. David Nguyen shares several ways to simplify the process. 08/01/01
Inspiration Page: The Park Bench 
Don't miss this one. You'll want to share it with many.
7 Ways to Capture Wisdom From Your Coach Do you have a coach? Do you know how to get the most value from your coaching experience? See what Burt Dubin has to say. He's been been coaching experts who speak for many years. 08/01/01
Top Ten Most Important Things to Do Today  It's easy to feel overwhelmed with all we have to do. And it's not how much we get done as much as it is WHAT we get done. Michael Angier shares his list of what he'd like to do every day.  08/01/01
Anything is Possible . . . Not Probable, but Possible!  Jeanette Pintar offers a healthy reminder about things that only SEEM impossible. What are YOU facing that you could use a little more faith in achieving? 07/25/01
Time on The Water Take a sailing trip with us, let the wind blow through your brain and be reminded of the importance of time away. 07/25/01
Feeling Guilty About Taking Time Off? Gary Lockwood has some keen insight into the wisdom and power of taking time off without feeling guilty. Don't miss this one. 07/25/01
Give Yourself a Target! Do you know what you're aiming for? Michael Angier's lesson on the tennis court is a lesson in goal setting. 07/25/01
Independence Day - Free Your Mind  We may live in a free country, but many of us are imprisoned by our own thought processes. Kathy Paaw tells us how we can declare our emotional and psychological independence. 07/02/01
What is a Millionaire Mentality®? Rick Solano has provided us some keen insight into what it takes to think and act like a millionaire. 07/02/01
You Can Learn Anything You Need to Know to Remove Fear We all deal with fear. The challenge is to overcome the fears that defeat us and hold us back. Randy Gilbert gives us the steps to do that. 07/02/01
Mastering Your Habits Steve Goodier is back to tell us how making strong and productive habits can build strong and productive lives. 07/02/01
Inspiration Page: I've Learned Andy Rooney shares his wit and wisdom on things he's learned in his lifetime.  07/02/01
Simple Ways to Relieve Stress in Your Work Day Carol Halsey shows us how a little organization can reduce a whole lot of stress. 07/02/01
July 2001 Bits and Pieces Dawn offers up her usual cornucopia of insight, sizzle sites, wit and wisdom. 07/02/01
Top Ten Things to Think 
About If You Want to Change the World.
If you want to make a difference, you must be the change you want to see in the world. Michael Angier lists ten points to ponder.
Inspiration Page #2: What's in a Name? Joseph Walker tells an inspiring story about a gift a father gave his son that's more precious than any gift you could ever buy.  06/17/01
Get Unstuck and Reach Your Goals
We all get stuck from time to time. Scott Fite tells us the top ten ways to get going again.
Do Other People Have More to 
Say About Your Life Than You Do?

The ideal is to "live independent of the good opinion of other people." But how can we do that? Deborah Brown gives us seven ways to make changes even when it might not be popular with others.
What Are Your Career Prospects?
If you have children or grandchildren, you'll want them to read Ray Rock's advice on how to select the right career.
Do You Believe in What You're Doing?
Darren Roberts does. And he shares how he keeps his belief strong.
Got Dreams?
Learn how you can better realize your dreams as Robert Hopper tells how his daughter followed her dream of becoming a fashion model.
Being Unreasonable
Paul Lemberg says we need to be unreasonable in order to create breakthroughs in our lives and in our businesses. He offers us seven steps to being unreasonable.
Inspiration Page: House Building
We all have jobs to do. And how we do that job is usually more important than we realize.
What Happens When We Don't Make it? Successful people don’t  each all their goals. In fact, they miss more than they make. Michael Angier talks about what happens when things don't go as planned. 06/05/01
June 2001 Bits and Pieces Dawn offers up her usual cornucopia of insight, sizzle sites, wit and wisdom. 06/05/01
Seven Lies That Prevent Powerful Results
Most of us have things that stand in the way of our success. Kathy Gates gives us seven lies that prevent us from achieving our best.
Count On It!
"You can't manage what you don't measure." And Gary Lockwood has some interesting ideas about the positive effects of good measuring.
Are You Your Own Obstacle?
The ability to take personal responsibility is a rare virtue. Malcolm Harvey gives us eight steps to getting out of our own way by enhancing our self-belief.
Ten Tips on Storytelling and Making an Impact
All great communicators are great storytellers. Whenever you want to make an impact, tell a story. Dr. Clare Albright shares 10 tips on how to do just that.
Inspiration Page: 1000 Marbles
How many marbles do you have left? This story provides a powerful message about treasuring and honoring the most precious thing we have—our life.
The Superman Syndrome
North Americans are working an average of six weeks to three months more per year than they did a decade ago. Kathy Paauw provides three action ideas on how to "get a life."
Profit from Woody's Wisdom
Professional speaking mentor and author Burt Dubin covers five ways we can "show up" to cultivate and keep clients.
Ease Into Exercise With Walking
Walking can ease you into an exercise routine that can pay big—and long-term—dividends for your health. Greg Landry, author and exercise psychologist says you might just get hooked! 
We've Decided Not to
Participate in the Economic Slowdown

What if they threw a recession and nobody came? Here are some ideas on how negative economic news becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy—but only if you allow yourself to buy into it.
April 2001 Bits and Pieces
Dawn offers up her usual cornucopia of insight, sizzle sites, wit and wisdom.
A Quiz on the Facts of Life
Test yourself on what's really important.
Grab Their Attention
Communication expert Kare Anderson gives us some great examples and shows us how to garner the attention of readers and listeners. It's fun and it will, well, get your attention.
How to Attract True Love
Most singles want to know how to attract true love. Rinatta Paries shares nine steps tested out on a number of singles who voted them to be extremely useful.
Humor Can Save Your Life
This is a fun story I tell about the importance of humor. It really does make a difference in your longevity and could—as this story illustrates—save your life.
Character Traits of Extraordinary Leaders
Chris Widener gives us seven important traits necessary for leadership.
Authenticity and Originality
Are you the REAL THING? All the time? In this essay, I share some insights into the value—and the scarcity—of being authentic. Reprinted from my book.
You Can Learn to Write
Good writing isn't the mystery or art you might have thought it was. Bob McElwain shares some of the simple rules (and sometimes the lack of them) for you to substantially improve your writing. 


March 2001 Bits & Pieces
Dawn offers up her usual cornucopia of insight, sizzle sites, wit and wisdom.
Inspiration Page: An Echo . . . or Life
How can an echo be like life? This short little story about a father and son illustrates an important life principle. 
Get Rich Selling Digital Products
It's no longer true that it "takes money to make money." Gary White has some insights about making the information age work for you.
The Top Ten Things That Work for Me
Michael Angier shares the things that keep him focused and productive.
It's Your Choice
Ever heard of a "Hobson's Choice"? Steve Goodier explains how we always have a choice even when it doesn't feel like we do.
Chancing the Arm
Bill Nieporte tells us yet another story of how a saying came to be. Taking chances requires us to take risks, but it's usually worth it.
Excuse Me But Your Writing is Showing
Is your writing helping or hurting you in your work? Does your writing send the wrong message about who you are and what you can do. Doug Grant uses his 30 years in the field to impress upon you the importance of putting your best writing forward.
Are You Afraid of Success?
Joan Sotkin shares some insights on what may be keeping us from succeeding. They might surprise you.
Weight Loss Myths Debunked
Greg Landry gives us the facts. And many of them are contrary to some common beliefs about losing weight. 
The Trouble with Sam
Sam’s well-educated, smart, interesting to talk to and has good people skills. So why is he broke? Michael Angier has some thoughts about a friend with lots of potential but not-so-good results.
Do You Have Job Security?
Michael Angier talks about the importance of creating your own security and not depending on anyone else.
You Are the Focal Point
Focus is important, but Aleta Pippin thinks you can focus on several things. See what you think.
Will You Be YOUR Valentine?
In addition to taking care of your valentine, Kathy Paauw suggests taking extreme care of yourself.
Inspiration Page: The Nails in the Fence
This nice story on handling your anger sure beats counting to ten. 
What Not to Do and How Not to Do it!
How can you get more done? Is there room left on your plate for even one more thing? I don't know anyone (successful) who has too little to do. Paul Lemberg has the answer—doing more by doing LESS. 
Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven . . . But Nobody Wants To Die! 
There's a mysterious type of mental illness going around these days. It appears to be some form of temporary insanity. People want success but they don't want to learn how. Gary White shares some ideas about this phenomenon.
The Lowly 3x5 Card
Some of the simplest and cheapest tools we have are often the best. This one works.
Overcoming Financial Fear
Fear is one of the most prevalent emotions that people express about their financial position. Joan Sotkin shows us there IS a way out.
''His lead is shakier than cafeteria Jell-O.''
Start sprinkling your conversation and e-mail notes with apt metaphors and similes that stand out in people's minds. After reading Kare Anderson's excellent article, you'll be spouting more metaphors than Vermont has sap buckets.
How to Have Better Meetings
How do business people spend about 17 hours each week? You guessed it: in meetings. Gary Lockwood tells us how to make our meetings more productive and effective.
Building Solid Foundations - When it comes to erecting a building, few people would dispute the importance of establishing a strong foundation. It's no different in building a business, a family or a life. 01/05/01
There Are No Small Things
Michael Angier tells how a small kindness of a young soldier in 1945 changed someone's life and how we can do the same.
17 Ways to Boost Energy and Save Time
Just in time for the New Year! Garret Braunreiter—the Energy Coach—shows us how. 
Seven Questions You Must Answer
Before a Customer Will Buy

Bob Leduc knows how to sell. AND he knows why people buy. Go through this checklist to see if you've got the answers to attract buyers.
January 2001 Bits & Pieces
Back by popular demand, Dawn offers up a cornucopia of insight, sizzle sites, wit and wisdom.
Personal Eco-Systems™: Personal Journals
Phil Humbert says every time he picks up his personal journal there are so many ideas and possibilities, he can't help but be compelled to action. How about you?
What Worked, What Didn't, What's Next? - Here's a process that helps you learn from what happened and move on with greater insight. 01/01/01
Resolutions for Year One of the New Millennium
Gary Lockwood always has good advice, and as we start the new millennium, we can benefit from it.
Instructions for Life in the New Millennium
The Dalai Lama provides 19 inspired steps to living an enlightened life.
Inspiration Page: "Anyway"
Mother Teresa offers some simple yet profound ideas on how to live life.
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