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Eight Gifts That Don't Cost a Cent
It truly is the thought that counts and here are eight gifts that can mean a lot. 
12/05/00 Relationship, Values
Think Strategically About Your Business
Gary Lockwood offers step-by-step advice on how to simply, easily and effectively plan for next year. 
12/01/00 Business, Excellence, Goals, Organization, Productivity, Strategies
Thoughts Are Things
Author Tony Brown focuses in on just one—but very important—concept from Napoleon Hill's classic, Think & Grow Rich. 
12/01/00 Excellence, Goals, Philosophy, Skills
The Touch of the Master's Hand
A poem by Myra Brooks Welch tells a heartfelt story of the difference the Master can make.  
12/01/00 Excellence, Inspiration, Philosophy, Skills 
The Art of Gratefulness
Michael Angier shares with us his insight on the value of appreciating what we have.
11/21/00 Goals, Inspiration, Philosophy, Strategies
Don't Do the Holiday Seven
Gaining weight over the holidays doesn't have to happen. Greg Landry gives us five steps to avoid those extra pounds.
11/21/00 Excellence, Goals, Health, Strategies
Truth or Consequences
Six-and-half-thousand years of recorded history have taught us that the truth works. Michael Angier makes a case for truth as a practical matter.
11/21/00 Communication, Excellence, Leadership, Philosophy, Relationship, Values
What Worked, What Didn't, What's Next?
Here's a process that helps you to learn from what happened and move on with greater insight.
11/21/00 Business, Excellence, Goals, Problem-Solving, Strategies
Wherever You Are, Be There 
We all do it. While we're doing one thing, we're thinking about another. We lack presence. Jim Rohn offers a quick reminder about an important concept.
11/17/00 Excellence, Philosophy, Productivity, Values
How to Create A Unique Selling Position
We've written about this essential aspect of marketing before. But Jay Abraham is the master of USPs and this article tells you precisely how to construct your own USP.
11/17/00 Business, E-commerce, Marketing, Promotion, Strategies
Inspiration Page: "Somebody"
This is one you might want to post on your refrigerator.
11/17/00 Inspiration, Relationship
Do You Have Faith in What You're Doing? - Do you experience doubt?  Malcolm Harvey explores the role of faith in our success and offers several steps in increasing our faith. 11/03/00 Overcoming, Philosophy, Strategies
Drawing Strength from the Champions
Australian Darren Roberts gives his perspective on what this year's Olympic athletes have to teach us.
11/03/00 Excellence, Teamwork, Goals, Inspiration, Skills
Why Self-Help Doesn't Work for Everyone - Robert Scheinfeld exposes several common myths found in self development and talks about what you can do to improve the results you get.  11/03/00 Philosophy, Skills, Strategies, Tools, 
Spontaneous Treats—The Key to Employees' Hearts! - Barbara Glanz shares some great ideas on how to make employees feel special and appreciated.  11/03/00 Business, Communication, Productivity, Relationship

The Fundamental Partnerships of Success - Dr. Philip Humbert outlines the four key partnerships you need to maintain in order to achieve true success

11/03/00 Business, Excellence, Goals, Philosophy, Strategies
Change Happens - Michael Angier writes about how to accept, navigate and master change. Change is all around us—and the RATE of change is accelerating. Knowing how to adapt to it is key to our success. 10/31/00 Business, Excellence, Goals, Leadership, Problem-Solving, Skills Strategies
Your Market Value - You don't get paid for your time. You get paid for the value you bring to the marketplace. How much value are you creating and are you getting paid for it? 10/05/00 Business, Finance, Marketing, Skills, Strategies
Top Ten Tips for Great Sex
Who doesn't want better sex? Virginia Walz offers ten tested and proven tips to create incredible intimacy, passion and pleasure.
10/01/00 Fun, Health, Relationship, Skills
What? Think Small?
Brenda Maxwell agrees that it's important to think big, but sometimes we need to break our big dreams down into smaller pieces.
10/01/00 Goals, Productivity, Skills, Strategies
The One Percent Solution
Dr. Philip Humbert explains that Olympic athletes are successful not by being ten times better, but being one percent better—or even less. 
10/01/00 Excellence, Goals, Productivity, Strategies
Inspiration Page: Good Corn
James Bender relates a brief story of a farmer who grew award-winning corn. It offers a great lesson helping our neighbors and, in turn, helping ourselves.
10/01/00 Excellence, Inspiration, Philosophy, Relationship, Skills, Teamwork
Bits & Pieces  
October's resources, quotes, tips and advice compiled by Dawn Angier.  
10/01/00 Fun, Ideas
Choose What You Want in Life!
Patrice Steen and John Robson give us four simple steps to choose intelligently.
09/13/00 Excellence, Skills, Strategies
Knowledge Isn't Free
Facts are cheap, information is plentiful—knowledge is precious.
09/13/00 Excellence, Leadership, Philosophy, Productivity, Strategies
The Four Stages of Learning
Learning is a process. And understanding the learning process are major keys to our future progress.
09/13/00 Excellence, Skills, Strategies, 
You Never Know When Your 
Words Will Make a Difference

Colin Powell's story of a supportive comment illustrates just how much of a difference a few kind words can make.
09/13/00 Communication, Excellence, Leadership, Relationship, Skills
Bits & Pieces
September's resources, quotes, tips and advice compiled by Dawn Angier.
09/01/00 Fun, Ideas
Do You Jump into Action Too Soon?
Aleta Pippin examines some ways you can better prepare yourself.
09/01/00 Goals, Excellence, Strategies, Skills
Inspiration: The Cracked Pot
This un-sourced story shows the value of what we might call flaws.
09/01/00 Inspiration, Overcoming, Philosophy, Relationship

Are You Expecting To Be Disappointed?
Who in their right mind would set out on any endeavor with such a question?
Malcolm Harvey says, "You'd be surprised!

09/01/00 Excellence, Philosophy, Strategies, Productivity
No More Goals
Phil Humbert offers a different perspective on goal setting—how vision and reasons have more to do with success than technique.
09/01/00 Excellence, Goals, Skills, Strategies, Values
I Do Not Like That Stuff Called SPAM
Harmony Major offers four steps to seriously reduce unwanted email from our inbox.
09/01/00 Organization, Strategies, Technology, 
Old Dogs and New Tricks
Gary Lockwood counters this old adage and challenges us to make positive changes—to learn new tricks and expand our personal comfort zone.
09/01/00 Business, Excellence, Goals, Overcoming, Problem-Solving, Skills, Strategies
The Magic Story Part 1, Part 2
Part 1 reveals the story of Sturtevant, a starving artist whose life was changed overnight after he purchased an old, ragged scrapbook for three cents. Within the scrapbook (Part 2) he found what he said was a "magic story." Everyone he told the story to prospered by it. 
8/15/00 Goals, Inspiration, Overcoming, Philosophy, 
Our Self-Esteem
How's your your self-image?  For most people, their self-esteem is less than they would like. Michael Angier shares with us how he was able to increase his self-esteem and climb out of some dark times.
08/07/00 Excellence, Inspiration, Overcoming, Philosophy, Problem-Solving, Relationship
Bits & Pieces
August's resources, quotes, tips and advice compiled by Dawn Angier.
08/01/00 Fun, Ideas
What in The Heck is Success Anyway?
We talk about success a lot. It's even in our name. But what IS success? More specifically, what is it for YOU? Michael Angier shares some of his ideas about this illusive description. 
08/01/00 Excellence, Goals, Philosophy, Strategies, Values
Your Image—Could it Be Better?
Our image is how the world perceives us! Is your image successful or are you shooting yourself in the foot unknowingly? Mike Jones offers us a practical checklist.
08/01/00 Business, Excellence, Marketing, Skills, Strategies
How to Make Mistakes
Great companies have a long and gallant history of failing. Paul Lemberg believes that if your company cannot accommodate, even reward, failure—in the long run, you simply cannot succeed. 
08/01/00 Business, Excellence, Overcoming, Philosophy, Problem-Solving, Strategies
Inviting Criticism
Dr. Lloyd Thomas (a new contributor to Success Strategies) suggests that many people are magnets for criticism.
08/01/00 Communication, Relationship, Strategies
Just a Mother?
Whether you're a mother or HAVE a mother, you’ll enjoy this inspirational piece on the professionalism of being a mom.
07/25/00 Communication, Inspiration, Philosophy, Relationship, Values
The Power of Visualization
We’ve all heard about it. We know it works. But do we use it? Darren Roberts tells us why we need to make it work for us.
7/25/00 Excellence, Goals, Productivity, Skills, Strategies, Tools
The Colonel
You’ve heard of Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken. What you may not have known was how he overcame significant odds at a time when most people are retiring. Read his story as told by Scott Fite.
7/25/00 Goals, Inspiration, Overcoming, Strategies
Celebrate Your Success
Michael Angier speaks to the importance of celebrating our milestones and achievements and how NOT doing it can thwart our prosperity.
7/21/00 Excellence, Goals, Overcoming. Productivity, Strategies
Inspiration Page: Paradox
A Columbine student offers some thought-provoking contrasts.
07/06/00 Inspiration, Values, Relationship
Bits & Pieces  
This month's resources, quotes, tips and advice compiled by Dawn Angier.
07/06/00 Fun, Ideas
Why is Failure So Popular?
Failure really is an option. According to Darren Roberts it's often the path TO success.
07/06/00 Goals, Overcoming, Strategies
Don't Keep Beating Your Head 
Against That Boulder

Malcolm Harvey says it's sometimes it's better to take a new path, find a way around or even abandon the plan.
07/06/00 Goals, Skills, Strategies, Problem-Solving
Boldly Go
To live boldly requires clear and courageous goals. No timidity allowed. Julie Jordan Scott tells us how focus, calm and drive is the way.
7/9/00 Excellence, Leadership, Philosophy, Strategies
Build Yourself a Power Base
Patrick Combs (a new contributor to SuccessNet) has a personal story that I think you’ll find enlightening.
06/14/00 Business, Goals, Overcoming, Relationship
Understanding Internet Terminology
A quick and easy reference guide compiled by Allan Cohen to the terms, words and names you may have encountered but perhaps didn’t understand.
06/14/00 E-commerce, Skills, Technology, Tools
Excellence Defined
How would YOU describe excellence? This unknown author offers some insight into this elusive word. 
06/14/00 Excellence, Philosophy
Keep Moving 
Michael Angier witnesses a sailing error that reminds us of an important success principle.
06/06/00 Goals, Leadership, Skills, Strategies
Bits and Pieces
This month's resources, quotes, tips and advice compiled by Dawn Angier.
06/01/00 Fun, Ideas
Inspiration Page: Get a Life
The commencement address you wish you had heard when you graduated.
06/01/00 Inspiration, Mission, Values, Philosophy
Who Are You and Why Should I Care?
Bob Leduc thinks these two questions are critical to your success in marketing to your customers and potential customers.
05/31/00 Business, Marketing, Promotion, Relationship
Top Ten Ways to Generate Brilliant Ideas
Darren Roberts of AAvenues 2 Your Success shares his best methods for generating his best ideas.
05/31/00 Creativity, Strategies, Excellence
Love the Opportunity
You've probably heard it said you have to, "Love what you do." Jim Rohn offers some clarification about this advice. It's a quick read that makes its point.
05/24/00 business, excellence, mission, strategies, values
What's a Client REALLY Worth to You?
Kevin Lawrence has a way to estimate just how valuable one customer can be. And the answers may surprise you.
05/24/00 business, excellence, marketing, promotion, finance
The Top Ten Ways to 
Stay Focused on Your Objectives

By Michael Angier. Consistency is one of the most important keys to achieving successful outcomes. How to maintain your focus, energy and optimism while pursuing your goals.
05/18/00 goals, organization, productivity, skills, strategies
Ten Tips To Help 
You Overcome Procrastination

By Kathy Paauw. Don't put off reading this! Just one idea from this list can help you be more effective.
05/11/00 organization, skills, strategies, tools, productivity
Top 10 Principles for
Positive Business Ethics

By Dr. Philip Humbert. Business ethics are the key to profits. If clients and customers don’t trust you and your business ethics, they will not do business with you. 
05/11/00 business, leadership, excellence, marketing, strategies, values
Top 10 Tips to Reaching 
Acceptance and Peace In Your Life
By Carmen Stine, PhD.
05/02/00 inspiration, relationship
Letting Go  Any "white space" in your calendar? This thoughtful piece by Gary Lockwood will help you create more-than-enough time to do the things you want and need to do. 05/02/00 business, productivity, strategies, organization

Asking Intelligent Questions
By Gary Lockwood. A magical way to influence people to do whatever you want them to do—using win-win.

05/02/00 communication, leadership, relationship
Boost Your Business By Speaking
By Burt Dubin. Create more customers, more sales, more fame and higher profits. It's easy. It's fast. It works. You can do it.
05/02/00 communication, marketing, skills promotion 
Top Ten Ways to Support 
Someone in Being Their Best

By Michael Angier. How to best to help ourselves and others to live as close to our unique potential as can.
05/01/00 communication, leadership,  relationship, teamwork
Top Ten Ways to Create Breakthroughs
By Michael Angier. Breakthroughs are exciting. They're inspiring. What fires us with enthusiasm is seeing results that are beyond the ordinary. 
04/26/00 goals, organization, overcoming, productivity, strategies
Top Ten Keys To Crafting a
Compelling Mission Statement
By Barbara McRae. Having a clear, concise mission statement for yourself and your company becomes your guiding compass as you journey through life.
04/10/00 goals, strategies
Top Ten Reasons to 
Live a Life of Integrity

By Michael Angier. Are you an honest person? How many people do you know who are honest all the time? Ten very practical reasons for living an impeccable life.
04/10/00 values, relationship
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