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By Edward B. Toupin

Hypnotized by the Crowd . . . Lost in the forest of beliefs!

We become hypnotized by our own belief systems.  However, to move forward toward a successful vision, we must determine what is important in your life and what has been "out-lived".

Over the years of growth and maturity, we become hypnotized by our own belief systems.  We move through life under the influence of societal and religious rank and file. 

Our belief systems are built as children from the experiences of our parents, friends, relatives and neighbors. But are these valid bits of knowledge and valid beliefs? They must be since we tend to hang on to them dearly, even if they don't work for us. Perhaps, at some time, we could have experienced a given situation differently. Perhaps we could have "at least experienced the situation at all", had we not been so afraid to step forward and look into the vast darkness of our own taught beliefs.

We have become hypnotized by the crowds that move toward that which we think is the answer to our questions. But we find, as we move along in this morass of other lost souls, that indeed, the answer is not ahead of the crowd, but within the crowd. The answer lies within yourself.

How does one succeed?  How does one live a fulfilling life? You cannot look to others for the answer, as it is within yourself. We all have unique answers to our own questions, because we all have a unique view of the world.

Today, now, determine what is important in your life and what has been "out-lived".  Look outside of your current belief systems and plan for a new life with modified beliefs toward that which "you" see as success.  Your ultimate vision will change with growth and knowledge, but it's essential to get moving on your plan to "leave the rut behind".  Move forward toward an ever successful vision and leave the old voices, based on past circumstances, behind.  It is your life, isn't it?

. . . . . .

Edward B. Toupin is an author, publisher, life-strategy coach, counselor, Reiki Master, technical writer and PhD Candidate living in Las Vegas, NV. Among other things, he authors books, articles and screenplays on topics ranging from career success through life organization and fulfillment. Check out some of his recent print and electronic books as well as his articles covering various life-changing topics.

For more information, and to find out about his upcoming title on book publishing, e-mail Edward at or visit his site at!


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