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By John J. Taylor

Knowledge Is Power

Measure what can be measured, and make
measurable what cannot be measured”


Galileo was a leading 17th century scientist who also said that "Experiments and measurements make new inventions possible".

Everything that we use online today was created through experimentation, measurement and analysis.

Scientists experimented with electrical current, measured the results of their experiments and analyzed those results to define their next experiment. Each phase of the experimental cycle was designed to improve upon the last one or to eliminate something that didn't work.

The groundbreaking work of scientists like Edison, Watt and Einstein was all based upon experimentation and observation.

Their success was directly attributable to their commitment to finding a solution to a problem and being determined to continue to experiment and test until they achieved the ideal answer.

The quotation "Knowledge is power" is attributed to Francis Bacon. He had the insight to understand that real power comes from an in-depth understanding of each facet within our chosen field of endeavor.

To be truly successful online, we need the dedication and determination displayed by the great scientists and inventors. It is totally wrong to design a web site, and then sit back and wait for something to happen.

We must experiment, measure and analyze our results on a regular basis. Each experiment brings us information that provides us with the power to increase our conversion rate and our profitability.

Different wording in an article resource box, an alternative subject in an email campaign, a new banner design—all are things that "might" increase the traffic to our web sites. But "might" isn't good enough—you have to know for sure; and that requires tracking and measuring our response to identify the truth.

Alternative wording in our headlines, adding audio, smaller graphic files for faster download speeds. Again they are all things that "might" increase our conversion rate—tracking and analysis is essential if we are to benefit from the power that such knowledge can give us.

More traffic, more subscribers, more sales, more profit. Can you afford to miss out simply because you don't invest a little time in testing and tracking?

. . . . . . .

John Taylor is a writer and publisher. His work includes The "Testing & Tracking" Special Report that explains what to test and how to test it ( He is Webmaster for the Amazing Marketing Tools web site where you will find an incredible range of resources to help you to develop the knowledge and skills to become a successful marketer. John also publishes the web log and runs the and websites.




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