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By Sarah Pond

When Nothing Goes According to Plan

If there was one key and one key only that unlocks the door to your success, it is one that's simple, quiet and understated.


You could have the most glorious goal in history, supported by an air-tight action plan. But if you throw in the towel at the first, second, tenth or one hundred and seventeenth obstacle—you will never reach that goal!

Persistence is a simple key (I said simple, not easy!). It is THE tool to use when none of your other tools will work. How you persist is up to you. Do it with style. Do it with a touch of panache. Do it straight up, with a twist. Just do it. Persist!

When you've HAD it—persist.

When nothing is going according to plan—persist.

When faced with a dozen frustrating roadblocks—persist.

When staring down a seemingly solid and impenetrable obstacle—simply persist.

Persist despite everything and everyone.

Never forget that this key is ALWAYS IN YOUR POCKET. Persistence, like a key, is a simple and small and ingenious tool that has the power to unlock most every door.

When you're facing that big and solid-looking obstacle—see it as a door, find the lock (it's there) and unlock it. Persistence is the key and the next level of your success is on the other side.

Persistence: "Fall down seven times; Stand up eight."

                             —Japanese Proverb

Editor's Note: Find 14 motivating chapters like this one, 10 helpful tools and 18 simple exercises in Sarah's fresh new eBook. Perfect reading for the beach, your armchair or the backyard—a nice, light read to help you get where you want to be.
Shift from Struggle to Success.




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