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By Michael Green

Why 'Filters' Make This the BEST TIME EVER to Start an eZine

Everyone knows that email filtering has gone into overdrive - and for a good reason.

With so much spam flying about, it would be virtually impossible to make use of this modern communication medium, without a few sensible filtering systems in place.

But unfortunately, this desirable quest to end the deluge of unwanted email has had a very nasty side-effect for eZine Editors and Online Marketers everywhere. Now even legitimate email is getting caught in the filter trap.

So whereas in the past, an eZine Editor could write what they liked without worrying too much about style and tone, now they'll have to have close regard for the language and punctuation used throughout. Otherwise their eZine simply won't get delivered.

Every Cloud Has  Silver Lining
With every problem comes a silver lining, and it's no different with email filters and the CAN-SPAM legislation.

While it is certainly true that as an eZine Editor you'll have to work harder than ever to ensure that your email reaches its intended recipient, the rewards for achieving your target reader are actually higher than ever.

That's because with so many other newsletters getting automatically deleted prior to them even reaching the subscriber, when yours gets through, you've most likely already worked to gain the trust of your reader.

What Does That Mean in Practice?
Basically, it's only the quality newsletters that now get delivered and are actually read by the subscriber. Let's face it, if your eZine was junk, then it wouldn't have even reached their inbox.

How to Ensure That Your eZine Reaches its Target Market
Ask them to add you to their filter at sign-up. This is simple, yet surprisingly effective. During the sign-up process for your newsletter, specifically remind your recipient to add your email address to their filter in order to let your eZine through.

Double Optin is increasingly becoming a reliable way to ensure that your newsletter has the credibility to reach your recipient. Having gone through the process of requesting that your reader confirms their registration, make sure you remind them in the first line of each eZine you send them that they're receiving this following their own double opt-in confirmation.

Quality, Quality, Quality
The most important step of all is to ensure that the information you're sending your readers is pure quality. Avoid over-punctuation with exclamation marks, and avoid excessive use of that word which means that something doesn't cost anything.

Writing in sensible, measured tones will ensure that your eZine stands a good chance of actually being received. As this article suggests, having been one of the 'chosen' few to make it past the filters,  you're going to stand an even better chance of making an impact than in the old days.

Previously anyone's trashy newsletter could fill up an inbox, but now only the best get through.

In many ways, there has never been a better time to start an eZine than today.


Michael Green is an accomplished eZine editor and recognized internet marketing expert. His Easy eZine Toolkit sets the benchmark for budding eZine Editors everywhere and you can find his highly recommended toolkit at  






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Last Updated 02/25/2004