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By Randy Gilbert

Proactive Patterns: How to Recognize and Benefit from the Cycles of Life and Business

Proactive people recognize there are patterns in life that come in sets and cycles. We would all be wise to learn and use them to bring about our happiness and success.

Here are some everyday examples . . .

Our week is a cycle that comes in a pattern of 7 days and nights. Each day is meant to benefit us, but not each in the same way. For instance, one day is meant for rest. Successful people use it to rejuvenate and recharge.

Sailors and surfers know that waves come in sets. To the casual observer, each wave might seem the same. Yet when their pattern is recognized, certain waves can be used to greater advantage.

Most games have sets. We call them by different names, such as downs, innings, periods, quarters and rounds. Some sport players know that these patterns are not just to make the game fair, but their differences can be used to create a winning strategy.

The situations we encounter in business and in life come as patterns that we can use. From raising healthy and happy children to creating a best seller book promotion strategy, patterns are all around us.

I believe that the most important pattern to recognize—the one that will give you the greatest chance for success in both life and business—is the pattern of recognizing and solving problems.

If you learn the pattern of problem solving, you'll be able to turn problems into opportunities, which will no doubt give you a distinct advantage.

As Dr. Proactive, I've done a significant amount of research, and the secret to solving any problem lies in the pattern of three. The pattern is easy remember with the words—Get Ready, Get Set, And Go!

GET READY - Define the problem and your ideal future
There is a wise saying that says, "A problem well defined is half solved." The pattern of 3 continues in this part, too. Knowing where you are and where you want to go will get you READY for a solution.

First, state the problem as best you can in relation to its root cause. Second, research as much of the problem as possible and explore your motivation to solve it.

Third, state your objectives as clearly as possible. Focus and clarity are very important here. The more clearly you can define what it is you want, the easier it will be to find the right solution and take action on it.

GET SET - Explore all alternatives and choose the best
This part is critical, so don't skimp on it. Follow this next pattern of 3 and you'll be SET to take action.

First, create a list of as many alternatives as possible. Do this without judgment as to the merit of each. Even the wildest possibilities are useful; some can reveal huge breakthrough ideas.

Second, evaluate each alternative as to what would happen if you used it as the solution.

And third, select the one that most closely fulfills the objectives you defined.

AND GO! - Create an action plan that gets better with time
Yes, GO! It does you no good to have a solution if you don't know how to effectively implement it. And you guessed it, another pattern of 3 appears.

The first step is to take immediate action to mitigate dire situations. Then choose a subset of the problem to test the solution as you develop your implementation plan.

Second, when you feel confident with your implementation plan, vigorously deploy the solution as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

Third, evaluate the results to make sure they are matching up with your stated objectives and ideal future, and then make adjustments as necessary.

I guarantee that if you'll learn these problem-solving patterns of three; you'll have a significant advantage. Life will bend to your will. Business results will line up with your plans. And best of all, success, happiness and abundance will be your destiny.

. . . . . . .

Randy Gilbert is the co-founder of 2nd Wave Success Workshop and Mentorship Program, designed to help you shatter your income ceiling. Copyright 2004 Randy Gilbert. All rights reserved. You can pass the above in its entirety to anyone you wish.



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Last Updated 08/10/2004