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By Glenn Dietzel

How to Successfully Author
and Market Your eBook

And Build Multiple Streams of Internet Income

Are you ready to advance your present career?  Are you ready to launch a new career? Are you ready to be recognized as a global expert?

Ordinary people just like you all over the world are authoring an eBook and launching an online business making passive, residual income. They are capitalizing on the best real estate of all time: the Internet.

Perhaps you have a partial manuscript in your desk. Or worst yet—your manuscript is still inside of you. Perhaps you have always wanted to author a book, but for some reason, you have not because you believed it was too costly, involved too much time and/or you've developed the belief that you can’t become an author.

Why author a book? A book could give you the lifestyle you have always dreamed of. Your eBook is the quickest, easiest, surest way to the following:

  • instant online profits

  • advance your career

  • launch a new career

  • be recognized as a global leader in your area of expertise and passion

  • speed out of the rat race quickly

No wonder New York Time’s best selling author Robert Kiyosaki held up a Rich Dad, Poor Dad book and exclaimed, “This was my best brochure.” No wonder Mark Victor Hansen recently asserted that a book is an amazing lead-generating machine for multiple streams of income.

What is an eBook? An eBook is simply an electronic book that can be read on your computer or on a hand-held device. Ebook technology is the future of publishing and communication, as it capitalizes on the visual and interactive nature of the world in which we live, using the latest in technology.

Why an eBook and not a print book? The three features of an eBook that are carrying it to the forefront of common usage are portability, interactivity and versatility: with portability, information can be transmitted at high speed. With versatility, knowledge can be easily updated with changes being made seamlessly. With interactivity, readers are finally engaged in their learning experience.

Consider this: According to, online sales of eBooks will account for 10% of all consumer book sales by the end of 2004. They also state that in 2003, 42% of people bought online content, since it was the only place where they could get it. A report by Forrester claims digital delivery of books and related material will generate 8 billion in sales, which will be almost 20% of all publishing revenue by the end of 2008.

Regardless of your educational background, your experiences will allow you to author a successful eBook. Better still is the fact that you don’t have to have any writing background. In fact, the less writing you've done the better! Now doesn't that go against popular thought!

In writing your eBook, you're not writing a thesis. eBooks are more informal, more conversational in tone and more user-friendly in their presentation.

Where do you get possible eBook topics? Here are a few ideas:

  • a workshop

  • a speech or keynote address

  • a committee report

  • a teaching experience

  • a life-long interest

  • an article or series

  • a research project

  • a perceived need

  • a professional need

  • a personal need

  • a personal experience

  • a significant emotional event in your life

  • a tragedy, disaster, problem and/or a personal dream or vision

Benjamin Franklin stated, “If you do not want to be forgotten well after you pass away, either write things worth reading, or do things worth writing.”

The barrier to your success in authoring a successful eBook quickly and easily is too much information and not having a concrete, focused game plan. Without following a clear and concise game plan, you'll never get what you really want with your eBook.

. . . . .

Using a proprietary formula, Glenn Dietzel can help you author an eBook and unleash the greatest opportunity of your life in 29 days or less and begin making passive, residual income on the Internet. Never has it been easier to accomplish your dream of becoming a published eBook author. What are you waiting for? 519.542.3043. Author an eBook in Record Time and Build Multiple Streams of Income With a Proven, Breakthrough System. Free eBook, eZine and MP3 files compel you into action.


"Business is simple. Make some stuff and sell it for more than it cost you. There's nothing more to it than that except for a few million details."
               —president of International Harvester





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