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By Dawn Angier

Bits and Pieces

Sizzle Sites
Ever signed onto your instant-messaging program and been asked to update to the newest version, only to find that the “upgrade” was a step down? Most of us automatically allow our programs to update themselves, and occasionally an upgrade won’t seem like an improvement, and we’ll miss the older version. At you can find 430 versions of 48 different programs. Don’t stay with a new version of a package if you don’t like it; get back your easy-to-use program here.
Try out the Net's coolest ZIP-code finder. Type in any five digits and you'll see the Java application zero in on the appropriate spot on the map. (Helpful tip: You'll want to play with this a few times; when you're ready to type in the next five digits, use the backspace key to delete the previous set.)
The My Own Business site is geared toward the entrepreneur who wants to start his or her own business and the individual who has an established small business and would like to see that business grow and expand. They offer a course to benefit both the full-time entrepreneur and individuals who are already—or are considering—moonlighting with a new business.

"Do your work with your whole heart and you will
succeed—there's so little competition."

—Elbert Hubbard

It’s That Simple
No amount of skill, no equipment and no boat will keep you from disaster if you don’t develop the most important seagoing skill of all—a complete fear of falling overboard.

—Lin & Larry Pardey

“Some people like my advice so much that they frame it upon
the wall instead of using it.”

            —Gordon R. Dickson

Home Business Trivia
A new home based business opens its doors every 11 seconds!

More than 47 million Americans now work out of small offices or home offices.

By the year 2000 it is estimated that 60 million entrepreneurs will call SOHOs their workplace, according to a report by Public Affairs Group, the Washington, D.C. based trend research firm.

Women own more than 8 million businesses today and 80 percent are home based.


“I never vote for anyone; I always vote against.”

            —W. C. Fields

Something to Remember Us
The state representative for whom I work received a letter from a fifth-grader thanking him for his hospitality during her class visit to the state capitol. The letter concluded: "P.S. You have been exposed to chicken pox."

—Contributed to "All In a Day's Work"
by Marian Newton



“Kindness is the kingpin of success in life; it is the prime factor in overcoming friction and making the human machinery run smoothly.”

—Andrew Chapman









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