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By Paul Bauer


Can Anyone Overcome the Fear of Not Having Enough?

Today—let's look into a fear that many have said is one of their biggest challenges.

The fear of not having enough.

A young man named Bill recently shared with me that for as long as he can remember, he's had a fear of not being good enough and not having enough in his life.

Bill shared with me:

"I never seem to have enough money to take care of my needs. Even when I have had enough money in the past, I still felt that it wasn't enough—like something was going to take my money away—and sure enough I lost the money."

Have you ever experienced this?

And have you ever wondered why this happens?

Really, the better questions that I learned many years ago to ask when problems or challenges arise are:

   "What in me attracted this problem?" and . . .

   "What's my lesson in having this challenge?"

Let's look at the first question: "What in me attracted this problem?"

When you consider the law of attraction, when it says:

You attract what you think about most—if you think low vibrational thoughts and feelings (fear, grief, shame, anger) you attract their equivalent energies into your reality (negative people, not enough money, relationship problems, health issues, etc).

Feelings of guilt and fear look for similar vibrations to attach or connect to.  So if you're thinking thoughts of not having enough, you'll continue to attract "not enough".

Does this make sense to you?

Let's take this one step further...

If you feel unloved, or unworthy or fearful of something you'll attract that equivalent vibration (fearful people, lack of money, more problems, more bills, etc) into your life.

So what do we do about low vibrational thoughts?

The conventional approach is to "get rid" of the low vibrational thoughts by "thinking positive" and similar methods.

But does this really work?

My experience with over 100,000 people over more than 10 years tells me otherwise.  If it did work, we'd have far happier people who are slim, who stay married (instead of a 50% divorce rate), who have ample wealth and do what they love as their right livelihood (life purpose, vocation).

So if we really have free will and choice in every moment, what then is the root of problem?

The subconscious is the answer.

People don't intentionally wake up in the morning thinking thoughts like "I'm going to attract as many problems as I can today—I'm going to worry myself as much as I can until I burn myself out".

Sort of a silly way to start the day, isn't it?

And yet, that's what ends up happening to countless well meaning people.  They do feel like problems keep popping up in their lives, and they're burned out at the end of their day.

The reason? 

Subconscious  patterns (blocks) that have been loaded into the subconscious (usually at a very early age) keep running on virtual autopilot until they are: 

1) Detected (made aware of)

2) Neutralized and replaced with higher vibrational thoughts (and feelings)

That's it—the simplified formula for a happy life.

First, become aware of how you're feeling (detection) and then clear the negative (low vibrational) thoughts and feelings from your consciousness.

Sounds simple enough—and yet why don't more of us do it?

Because many of us are caught up in the same thoughts (patterns) that we thought of yesterday (which is the result of yesterday's problems).  Carlos Castaneda calls this Assemblage Point.  Assemblage Point occurs when you change your vibration on Day 1 (read a new book, set a new goal, go to a great seminar, listen to a new tape) and you felt great, inspired, pumped up.

But . . .

The Chinese Food Effect Steps In

But, in as little as the next morning after waking up, what happens to most people?  The memories of what life was like before the new energy came in (the book, tape, seminar, new goal, etc.) begin to creep back in.  And the real problem then is how we deal with the old problem "creeping back in" again.

In reaction to the old problems creeping back in, most people think one of three thoughts:

1) "What's wrong with me?—I just listened to that new tape, set that new goal, talked with my guru/coach, and I still feel the way I did yesterday".

2) "Uh oh, here comes the old problem again, gotta change my thoughts—quick!"  (Which in many cases causes more resistance and suppression of the old problem) or possibly . . .

3) "Hmmm, some doubts seem to be coming up about my day today, ah, silly thoughts, now I have a distinct feeling that these silly thoughts aren't me."

Yes, these silly thoughts aren't me . . .

And we finally begin to get a "perception into the deception" as Vernon Howard calls it.

The real breakthrough you've been looking for—a new insight. Not more money, more love, better abs, "problems all gone", but a true sense of freedom from the problems being you.

You've now gained a new perception into the “Wizard behind the curtain” and attempts of the false self to overpower the Real Self.

Your True Self.

But now you know better—your Real Self is your best ally. And you can call upon this divine part of you at will.

The key is to listen in silence—without the false self's frantic attempts at trying to fix things.  In fact, any struggle will only worsen the problem—because struggle is resistance to the problem.

Know this simple truth from Dr. Rod Newton, “Resistance is not in the way, it is the way.”

. . . . . . . . .

Sometimes called "Joe-Dreamer", Paul Bauer is a humorous and inspirational trainer, speaker and author who loves helping people find their Life's Dreams and re-claim their Spirit. His seminars are attended by people across the world as they learn to re-discover their natural strengths and talents and how to use them for more clarity, happiness and deeper fulfillment.


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