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By Sarah Pond and
Michael Angier

What's in Your Toolbox?

Think tools are just for carpenters and plumbers? Think again!

Everyone has a toolbox—or SHOULD have.

We each pick up tools that will help us survive as we move through our lives. Often unconsciously, we fill our own personal toolboxes with the tools that help us acquire what we need, build what we want, overcome our obstacles and find our way.

Lawyers have certain tools that help them research, analyze and express an argument clearly. Single moms use tools that help them stay on track, focused and balanced. CEO's use specific tools—as do entrepreneurs.

Whether you're aware of it or not, YOU have a toolbox, too. Are your tools useful and up-to-date? Do they help you to just survive or do they help you to thrive? When was the last time you picked up a new tool?

One of the hallmarks of a successful person is a toolbox full of relevant, practical and handy tools. Successful people consciously fill their toolbox with tools that fit the specific job.

We all know what it's like to attempt a job without the right tools. It's frustrating at best and downright futile at worst.

Get the tools you need to build the life you want. Consciously fill your personal toolbox for success.

What are the tools of YOUR trade? What do you need to do your job—to succeed in your life and career? What systems allow you to leverage yourself? What equipment do you need? What references, information or relationships will you need to achieve your goals?

Tools enable us to leverage our talents and abilities so we can do more than we could otherwise.

The tools we're referring to are anything that helps us accomplish our intended outcomes. And the tools we can immediately think of that help us do this are:

  • computer             
  • phone
  • programs             
  • library

  • pen                  
  • calculator

  • checklists            
  • email
  • car                  
  • personal network
  • organizations        
  • associations
  • mastermind team
  • teleconferences

Some questions to ask ourselves: How can we utilize our tools better? What new tools do we need to acquire? Which tools can we replace or eliminate?

BTW, we've just published two new pages that list and describe some of the tools and reports we currently have available. Most are no cost. And there are more to come.




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