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Michael E. Angier

By Michael Angier

Being Responsive

I received a valuable, but unsettling email this week.

One of our recent subscribers wrote to tell me he was removing himself from our mailing list. Interestingly enough, he had earlier written to say how much he LIKED what I write and what SuccessNet offers.

But his second message explained why he was unsubscribing. It was upsetting. And I felt immediately defensive. Sometimes it's tough to walk your talk. Because of my commitment to doing my best, I had to accept his message for the valuable feedback it was. And it was.

I'm grateful he took the time to tell me why. The good news is, very few people leave us. But when they do, they rarely take the time to tell us why. This man did.

His complaint was that he'd received three and sometimes four messages a week from us. How could that be? We publish our newsletter on Sunday and Thursday—and once in awhile—a special solo mailing.

What I had forgotten about was that new subscribers are automatically enrolled in the "Step Up to Success" eCourse. We started this when our newsletter was only sent out twice a month. The intention was to give good value, be able to share some of our beliefs and values and give good reasons why they should become full members.

At the time it made sense. But now, when we publish twice a week—with an occasional special mailing—it could mean that someone receives five emails in seven days. This person thought that was too much—and most likely many others would agree.

You'll be happy to know we're taking immediate and positive action. We compiled the eCourse into a report that is available to any of our valued guests and members (and it really is a good report, if I do say so myself).

Click Here to find out more about the course.

The report is now in a PDF format for easy download. The eCourse was dropped and replaced with a one-time "Welcome Kit" email for easy reference.

I share this experience with you for three reasons.

First, I want you to know that your feedback is vitally important to us, and we really do listen—and where appropriate—make corrections. We are receptive and responsive.

Secondly, I want to defend myself just a little. I believe the last ten days have been more commercial than is usually the case. I want you to know we're totally committed to our goals and our mission. We want to make a positive and lasting difference in your life. We want to serve people who care about things that matter who want to make a difference. And sometimes we mess up.

And thirdly, I want to remind you that one voice can and DOES make a difference.

Here in the United States, there's a series of public service commercials now playing that displays situations where someone makes a bigoted, cruel and/or intolerant remark to another, and ONE other person challenges it.

The people observing the exchange are speechless. The commercial ends with the words, "All it takes is one voice to make a difference."

It matters not whether it's a business or a social situation. We all need to speak up. We all need to listen. We all need to act.

In doing so, we all make a difference.





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