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By Michael Angier

December 2002

Question: What's Worse than Being Sick?

Answer: Being sick and losing money because you're not able to generate income.

No this isn't an AFLAC commercial. It's just a reminder of the value and importance of developing ongoing, residual income.

Dawn and I were both sick last week. It's never fun being under the weather, but there was one very comforting fact.

While we were sick, product sales continued, new members joined, others renewed, stocks continued to generate dividends and interest accrued--all without our efforts.

It wasn't long ago when this wasn't the case. Before, when we got sick, in addition to feeling sick, we also lamented the loss of income because we couldn't work.

It doesn't matter whether you're self-employed or work for someone else--you can create and develop incomes that don't require your presence. I highly recommend it.

Real estate, licensing, product invention and your investment portfolio are all things that can provide passive income.

It takes some planning. And it takes some effort. But

time is a finite and fleeting resource. Having passive income streams, on the other hand, is like owning oil wells that continue to pump and profit--while you do other things.

Action Point
Brainstorm some ways you can create or enhance income streams that flow without your constant effort and attention. Pick one or two, and go to work on them.


"Business is simple. Make some stuff and sell it for more than it cost you. There's nothing more to it than that except for a few million details."
               —president of International Harvester





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