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By Michael Angier




Web SuccessNet

Staying on Track

I seem to be getting more and more opportunities coming my way. Most of them are presented to me by others, while many are the product of my fertile imagination. It's a good thing, but it also presents a challenge.

I believe we can achieve anything we want in this life, but we can't accomplish EVERYTHING we want. We have to make important choices in order to best utilize our valuable resources.

What helps me to stay on track and maintain my focus is my personal and company mission statement. Without them, I'm sure I would be jumping on too many horses and riding off in all directions.

When I evaluate opportunities with the conscious awareness of our mission statement, I'm able to focus my energies on the things that will have the greatest impact on my purpose.

Our mission statement is "To inform, inspire and empower people to be their best—personally and professionally." And everything we do must be in alignment with that mission.

How do you create a mission statement? I'm so glad you asked. We've just updated and buffed up a report Dawn wrote several years ago. "How to Write a Mission Statement" is a concise, helpful and practical guide to crafting a meaningful mission statement.

To find out how you can create or refine your mission statement, Click Here.

Members get it for half price. And even if you're not a member, it's probably a lot less than you'd spend at Starbucks.

Another tool I and many others have found helpful in determining where best to invest our energy and resources is the Priorities Tool. It's easy to use, fast and will give you much peace of mind in choosing your goals and projects. Click Here.


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SuccessNet is a worldwide association committed to helping people become more knowledgeable, productive and effective. Their mission is to inform, inspire and empower people to be their best—personally and professionally. Free subscriptions, books and SuccessMark™ Cards available at
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