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By Michael Angier




Web SuccessNet

Are You Making New Connections?

Dawn and I just got back from a couple of much-needed rest days after having attended the JV (Joint Venture) Alert LIVE conference in Orlando. We are digging out of our backlog and anxious to begin integrating some of the many things we learned.

One of my goals this year was to attend more conferences in order to broaden our network and expand our thinking. I believe successful people talk about ideas, while unsuccessful people talk only about other people and events. And I LOVE talking about ideas.

By going to more events, I’m confident I’ll be able to create more value for our members and subscribers. Stay tuned—many new products, services and support are in store for you.

It’s good business for you to extend your horizons, gain new perspectives and meet new people. It makes your life and your business more interesting and rewarding. The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your relationships.

One of the distinctions I made last week was between joint venture partnerships and joint venture deals. I have a few JV partnerships, but most of my JVs have been one-time deals. I’m now going to focus more on long-term partnerships to bring even more trusted goods and services to you.

When I agreed to go to JV Alert LIVE, I only knew one person attending. Because many of the attendees and presenters are some of the “Big Names” in internet marketing, I wasn’t sure how friendly and approachable some of them would be.

My concerns were totally unwarranted.

Everyone was extremely helpful and supportive. We came away with dozens of new friends and partners. It was gratifying to find out that most of these people knew us and SuccessNet, even if we didn’t know all of them.

Ken McArthur of Affiliate Showcase and JV Alert was the organizer of the event. He’s a big guy, and he has a heart to match. Stay tuned for information on the next one in June.

Sterling Valentine launched the creation phase of his new JV Formula with great fanfare and support. He was also able to do video interviews with many of the people in attendance. You would do well to follow his crazy quest for the experience as well as its entertainment value. You just HAVE to see his video at

And I leave on Thursday for Los Angeles to attend Mark Victor Hansen’s MegaMarketing Magic weekend. I'm looking forward to meeting new friends there as well.

Action Point
What about you? What are you doing to extend your network? How do you plan to keep your business and your career fresh? Look for every opportunity to learn more, meet more people and gain a better perspective.

Sit down with your calendar and choose some conferences you want to attend for your continuing education and network advancement. It’s a fun and important part of your business.

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