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By Michael Angier

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The 5 Ps of Marketing Mastery

I just got back from Robert Middleton's Marketing Mastery Workshop in New Jersey. I joined 51 other business owners to spend more than two days learning how to sharpen our marketing message to our target markets. We worked hard, and what I came away with was well worth the time and funds invested.

"More Clients", Robert's weekly newsletter, has been coming into my inbox for at least two years, and I always learn from what he shares. I highly recommend the newsletter as well as his free Marketing Plan Workbook—something that could easily sell for $20 or more.

Robert is the author of The InfoGuru Marketing Manual, an extremely comprehensive—and well-written—guide containing pretty much everything you need to attract more clients.

The foundation of the InfoGuru Marketing Manual is the 5Ps of Professional Service Business Marketing—a model to help you plan and clarify your marketing direction.

Each P below has a list of questions to consider when you develop your marketing strategy.

Positioning - Communicate with your prospects exactly why they should do business with you.

Packaging - Package and present your services to generate interest and response from qualified prospects.

Promotion - Get more qualified prospects to call who are ready to do business with you.

Persuasion - Turn those who call you into immediate $ales . . . often over the phone.

Performance - Keep clients coming back and referring others . . . forever.

As a result of Robert's workshop and manual, I've already begun making some changes to our Web site and our marketing materials—and there is more to come. I'm confident that you'll begin to see a difference as we hone our message and sharpen our focus on what works best in serving our members.

Robert is planning on being with us in Las Vegas for the next World Class Business Conference in April 2004 I sure hope you'll join us to meet Robert and other experts in their field.

Be sure to get Robert's free report and newsletter and find out more about his InfoGuru Marketing Manual.



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