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By Michael Angier

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Inspired Ideas

One good idea acted upon is better than a hundred good ideas considered.

To paraphrase Ross Perot, "Ideas are cheap, information is plentiful, deeds are precious."

It's ideas that inspire us to ACTION that make the real difference.

I just spent two days with a dozen of my colleagues at the first Infopreneur Think Tank. We talked, we shared and we brainstormed. We ate a lot, too. It was fun and it was highly stimulating. In fact, we were all pretty much brain dead by the end because of the quantity of ideas generated and the volume of information that was shared.

Ideas are exciting. I love them. But unless you DO something with them, they don't amount to much. The challenge is to take the ideas and information we learn from a book, a conference or a conversation and ACT upon them. The ideas and information are only potentially valuable. It's what we DO with them that counts.

Action Point
It all comes down to priorities. What are the ideas that have the biggest payoff? What are the ideas that hold your interest? Which ideas inspire you? Those are the ones to concentrate on. Acting upon just one good idea can make you a million dollars. Thinking about 100 of them probably won't accomplish anything.

Our Priorities Tool
If you haven't used our simple little program for rating the priorities for your goals, your ideas and your activities, we invite you to take advantage of it. It's only a few bucks--and a few bucks less—if you're a Gold Member.


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