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By Michael Angier

Giving and Receiving

Editor's Note: This article is based on the principle of giving—EnerGem #4: Give More to Get More—in the Freedom to Achieve System. To get your free special report outlining the 10 EnerGems and more, send an email to or visit

I know a young man who stands before the great "woodstove of life" and says, "Give me heat and I'll give you wood." For some reason he feels the world owes him a livelihood with no regard for his contribution.

I'm not sure how he arrived at this point of view but I know that it's not working for him. He's outside the realm of proven universal principles and the results in his life reflect that.

And they always do. Wherever we're experiencing lack, we must look for what we have failed to give.

If you want more of something in your life, you need to give more of what you want.

Think about the people you respect and admire. Aren't they the ones who have given the most? Of course they are. It's impossible to give more value and not have it returned in kind.

The Law of the Farm
Some have referred to this principle as the Law of the Farm: In order to harvest in the fall, we must plant in the spring. We must give seed in order to have a crop.

But it's not a "tit-for-tat" equation.

The law is bigger than that. We get much MORE than we give. Why would we plant a kernel of corn to get back only another kernel? No, we plant a kernel to grow a stalk of corn that brings forth hundreds of kernels.

We all have something to give. We all have unique qualities and talents we can give to others. 

We increase our value in the marketplace by bringing more value TO the marketplace. It's really just that simple.

If we want more value in our life, then we must GIVE more value. It might not show up as soon as we'd like and it might not return in the ways we thought it would. But rest assured, you cannot give without receiving. One is not even better than the other. They're just different parts of the same circle.

Do you want more love in your life? Then give more love. Want more peace in your life? Then be more peaceful.

Just as matter cannot be created or destroyed, it's impossible to add value to the world and not receive value in return.



"When you give more than people expect, you get more than you expected."
—J. Warren McClure,
philanthropist and
author of Freedom to Achieve




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