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By Michael Angier

Are You Efficient AND Effective?

People often ask me how I get so much done. Most are surprised to learn SuccessNet has no full-time employees except me, and they wonder how we can serve over 60,000 members and produce so much material. Sometimes I wonder, too.

I feel that overall, I'm pretty efficient. I've learned many ways to multi-task and developed skills, tools and habits that make life easier. But I've still got a lot to learn and I'm constantly looking for ways to get more done in less time with greater enjoyment. I want to be more EFFECTIVE.

In fact, this particular issue of Success Digest is loaded with tools and resources to help you be more efficient and also more effective.

You see, efficiency just isn't enough. According to the dictionary, being efficient means acting or producing something with a minimum of waste, expense or unnecessary effort—exhibiting a high ratio of output to input.

But effectiveness is, in my opinion, about creating an intended outcome—one that has meaning and purpose. It's about getting the important things done—the ones with the biggest payoff.

And that's where we often fall down. We might be efficient in doing tasks that are simply not the most important work to be done. We must use our power of focus and discernment to be doing what will matter most.

It's easy to fool ourselves into thinking we're being productive, when in actuality, we're just being busy. We might get some immediate satisfaction, but in the long run, we'll not be achieving our goals as effectively as we could.

Having a powerful purpose, strong core values, clear goals and then establishing priorities for our tasks will make the difference. All the highly effective people I've encountered have mastered most, if not all, of these factors.

They make consistent progress and get more done than others who don't employ these principles. It's actually pretty simple—not always easy—but simple, nonetheless.

All it takes is some thinking, some clarity and some willingness to disentangle ourselves from habits and routines that no longer serve us.

Are you willing to make that investment of time?

Here's a resource that can help you: Keys to Personal Effectiveness—an 8-page special report on how you can get more done in less time. Send a blank email to


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