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What's Really Behind Lance Armstrong's Spectacular Success?

Is it any wonder our readers last year selected Lance Armstrong as one of the 101 most successful people in the world?

For almost a decade, this champion has dominated professional cycling. When he announced this year he was retiring after the 2005 Tour de France, hardly anyone questioned the likelihood of his seventh consecutive win.

There are many reasons why Lance is such a legend. And there are many reasons why he was able to overcome his bout with cancer and still wear the yellow jersey for so long.

Armstrong has many skills. He has great strength and endurance. He has the best equipment. He has experience. He's consistent. He's smart. He's persistent. And much more.

But in my opinion, what drives it all, what creates the will and ability to win—and win again—is Lance's dogged determination.

You don't ride nearly 2500 grueling miles in one race without it. You don't maintain the attention, the consistency and the competitive edge without it.

It takes guts to compete against nearly 200 of the world's best cyclists over a three-week period.

Think of the years of training. Think about the heat, the burning muscles, the long hard mountain climbs and the scary runs down winding mountain roads. Consider everything that goes into winning—and PREPARING to win.

An interviewer once asked Lance, "Who or what was your primary focus during your battle with cancer?" His answer: "Easy. I was only focused on living."

Are there other racers who are stronger? Probably. Are there other racers who are younger? Sure. Are there others who are better sprinters? Yes, of course.

But nobody—for the last seven years anyway—has demonstrated the shear determination Armstrong has used to create the belief and the drive to become a cancer survivor and an unprecedented seven-time winner of the world's most prestigious bicycle race.

Action Point
What are you determined to accomplish? What MUST you achieve? Make a list of goals you are committed to fulfilling.

Discover what you are willing to be the very best at doing. Because when you have something important enough, when you are DETERMINED enough, you will win.

Read more about Lance and 100 other champions in "101 Best Ways to Get Ahead". And we'll pay the shipping (through August 3rd)! 

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by Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler

By Michael Angier





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