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By Michael Angier

A Purpose-Driven Life isn't Quite Enough

Sound core values are the foundation of a truly successful life.

Don't get me wrong. I'm a strong advocate for having a compelling purpose—one that drives you to be your best while doing something worthwhile. Those with purpose are people who care about things that matter who want to make a difference.

Having a driving purpose will position you to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds and accomplish great things.

But in order to be in the flow—in order to align yourself with the people, the opportunities and the companies to really make things happen—you have to discover and embrace your core values.

Did you ever wonder why some people seem to easily and effortlessly accomplish their goals? Did you ever wonder how some people just seem to have that Midas Touch? I won't say that knowing your core values and aligning yourself with others with similar core values is the ONLY key. But I DO know that core values are a key factor in any person's success—especially those who seem to do it so effortlessly.

Dawn and I have a friend who lost her job last year in one of those "right-sizing, down-sizing" moves. "Joan" was hurt, angry and scared. My telling her that something even better would come along was not met with much confidence or acceptance.

But she DID get a new job. And it was with a company that created products she could relate to—products she believed in. The company's values and hers were closely aligned. It was a good match. She liked her former job but she LOVES her new one.

When her former employer called her to ask her back—with even more money—she had no trouble turning them down. Joan had found a company and a product line that made her heart sing. And there was no going back.

She may not fully realize that it was the alignment of her values with the values of her new employer that made the difference, but it was. Perhaps if she had known her top core values, she might have even found her great job earlier.

Very few people take the time to determine and understand their top core values. That may be why so few people seem to achieve their highest and best with such ease.

Action Point
Invest the time to uncover what your core values are and why they're important to you. It will save you time, frustration, stress, heartache and money.

Make a list of the values you hold dear and think about why they seem important to you. Don't judge. Don't pick values you think you SHOULD have. Discover the values you know to be YOURS.

NOTE: We've reduced the price of our "Your Core Values" Course—for both subscribers AND Gold Members. It could very well be the best time and money you've spent in a very long time.

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