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Consistency: The Major Key to Your Success

We live in an age where the desire for instant gratification is common. People expect quick results.

And in some cases, we DO get results quickly.

However, real, lasting and meaningful success requires sustained and consistent effort. Anyone can diet for a day. Anyone can work hard for brief periods of time. We can take a class to increase our knowledge or generate and act upon a good idea.

But to really produce what we want, we must consistently think and act in productive ways. Sometimes the results come rapidly, but most of the time they come gradually from hanging in there and constantly and religiously practicing the things we need to do.

The same is true for NEGATIVE results. We don't become obese with a one-time, high-fat indulgence. One cigarette probably won't kill us—although it might—and one lapse in judgment will rarely ruin our future.

But sustained and prolonged, unhealthy or counterproductive activities will almost certainly produce catastrophic outcomes.

Consistency is an admired trait in our political leaders—when we can find it. We value consistency in our health care. We require consistency in accounting principles. We appreciate consistency in government. So why should we be any different?

The flash in the pan may be dramatic, but it can't stand up to the constant heat and the resulting success that comes from consistent, steady and reliable efforts.

Action Point
What are the things you know you need to do on a consistent basis to accomplish your goals and live an abundant life? Determine the things you're NOT regularly doing, and decide which ones you're willing to commit to doing every day. Then, stick to it. Your consistency will pay off.




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