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Clarity Leads to Power

Often, after a coaching session, my client tells me how enlightening and helpful I've been. They say I've been insightful and given good advice.

It's a nice feeling, but I'm always a little amazed because I really don't give all that much advice. I mostly ask questions that help them to understand more fully what they want and see ways to make it happen. If I'm working with them on an ongoing basis, I help them STAY focused, directed and accountable.

The fact is, they do most of the work. Sure, I provide some good resources, suggest different ways to approach things, but mostly, I'm the facilitator, the question-asker and the sounding board.

The biggest challenge I see facing people and companies is lack of clarity about what they want and why they want it. Once we're clear, once we have a big enough why, there's really no stopping us.

It's the clarity that leads to the power.

Action Point
If you find yourself not making the progress you'd like to make, take a look at what it is you're really going for--and why?

Can you clearly articulate it to someone else? Do they GET it? Can you SEE it? Can you FEEL it? Does it excite you?

Make sure your objectives are clearly defined.

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