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Michael E. Angier

By Michael Angier

Getting Back to Basics

Legend has it that the great Green Bay Packer coach, Vince Lombardi, used to start off each training season by sitting his pro football players down and telling them, "Gentlemen, today we're going to get back to the basics of the game. This, (holding the pigskin over his head) is a FOOTBALL."

The coach knew the importance of understanding and reviewing the fundamentals of the sport. And in the complex world in which we live, it's good for us to do the same.

I love sharing new ideas, new resources and new strategies with my members and subscribers. But what I also have to remember is that we all benefit from being reminded about things we already know.

I re-read some of my own articles and reports I've written over the years and realize that I've forgotten about things I should be practicing—and I WROTE the advice. If I need to be reminded of things I've learned and taught, then I submit that we all can benefit from a little review from time to time.

What are the basics in YOUR life? What's really important to you? And are you truly doing things that support the answers to these questions? Most of us would have to admit we're not doing as well as we'd like.

In any family, any business, any LIFE, we find ourselves doing things that no longer serve us—if they ever did in the first place. We start a project, a job or a routine, and we continue doing it because it's become habitual. Even though we've changed and things around us have changed, we continue a practice that may no longer be necessary or even helpful to us.

From time to time, we have to get back to the basics. What do we want? Why do we want it? What are the best ways to get it? Otherwise, we stay busy just doing what we've been doing.

Many people today yearn for a simpler life. That's good. But we have to do more than yearn for it; we have to take action. Sometimes we even have to STOP doing what we're doing, take a good, honest look at where we are, what we're doing and what we're NOT doing.

We have to get back to the basics.

Action Point
Examine everything you're doing and why you're doing it. What are you spending money on? Are you still receiving value from those expenditures? Does what you're doing and what you're spending money on match your core values?

Time is our most precious resource. And it's paramount we do things that bring us joy and add to the richness of our lives and the lives of others.

Have a conversation about these ideas with your spouse, partner or coach. Don't go through your days robotically. We are human beings, not human DOINGS. Make CHOICES—good choices.

For a powerful course on learning the basics, Click Here.





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