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By Dr. Jill

The Power of “Acting As If”

Back in the mid 1950's an outrageously flamboyant pianist had dreams of playing to an audience in California's prestigious Hollywood Bowl.

The problem?

He was entirely unknown.

But he DID have burning passion for his dream. So this strangely flamboyant pianist saved enough money to rent the Hollywood Bowl on an off night.

That night he showed up wearing a tuxedo, placed a huge crystal vase of long-stemmed red roses on the grand piano, and played a glorious full two-hour concert.

Except that there was no audience—he fully lived his dream.

Liberace continued to build that dream.

Four years later, to the very night, he performed at the Hollywood Bowl before a wildly enthusiastic standing-room-only crowd.

How to Duplicate Liberace's Success
Basically only two steps are required to duplicate Liberace's success:

1. Hold a clear image of your dream in your mind, then,

2. "Act As if" it is already true.

This is a powerful personal transformation tool.

Whether you want to become more outgoing, quit smoking, achieve a business goal or create a fulfilling relationship—the process is the same.

Just picture it in your mind . . . then "act as if" you have already achieved your desired goal.

Expect some surprising results!

The Impact of Beliefs on Your Life
Beliefs are thoughts that have become deeply embedded assumptions.

Read that sentence again, and note that I used the word "assumptions."

When something becomes a "belief," we then assume it to be beyond question. It is simply TRUE in our mind. And that's it!

And emotion empowers beliefs. So the more intense the emotion attached to a belief—the more impact it will have on your life.

Your outward actions mirror your innermost beliefs. And in truth, your actions are actually direct outward expressions of your innermost beliefs!

Think about that for a moment.

Suppose, for example, you BELIEVE yourself to be an intelligent person with great potential. This belief will then guide your actions—and your belief will therefore BECOME your reality.

In fact, you can discover what your core beliefs are by just noticing what your actions are!

Why "Acting As If" Produces Results
There are three interesting brain mechanisms behind the power of acting as if:

First, your powerful subconscious mind does NOT logically question what you present to it! That portion of your mind always accepts your "acting" as the literal truth.

Second, each time you "act as if" you're courageous in the face of fear, for example, your physical brain responds by building powerful and complex neural networks to support that "acting."

Third, as you repeat your "acting"—these neural networks will build stronger and stronger neural networks. As the strength of these networks increases, your "acting as if" gains strength as an actual BELIEF.

Your reality is actually your own creation!

What you call your "reality" is simply the net outcome of the continuous stream of thoughts, emotions and images passing through your mind.

Everything you have in your life actually began as a thought.

And so, changing your life must logically begin with your thoughts.

Your future is actually created by your current thoughts. That's the meaning of that old saying: "Whatever you believe will become your reality."

And that brings us back around the circle to "beliefs."

By "acting as if" you don't fear failure, you'll be willing to try new challenges. You will gradually become more and more fearless. Soon you will just automatically BELIEVE yourself to be fearless.

And that is exactly what you WILL be!

Building "Success Mind Power"
Successful people EXPECT to continue to be successful, just as failures EXPECT to fail. So "acting as if" you're successful can have huge advantages.

Do YOU want to enjoy more success in your life?

Then your job is to change your internal core beliefs to totally reflect what you desire.

"Acting as if" you're already successful builds the expectation you will BE successful. This expectation then strengthens into a solid core belief that will guide your external behavior in appropriate ways.

This technique builds the MINDPOWER of success. And since others respond to our actions, act successful, and you'll be seen as successful.

And that will even further strengthen your belief!

. . . . .

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