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 2006 Articles
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Title and Description
 August 2006
  Are You Motivated or Inspired?
I think there is a difference between the two. Take a look and see what it is.
 July 2006
  How to Use Content to Build Your Online Business
Greg Land gives the ins and outs of getting your website ranked well, visited often—and profitable.
  Getting Clear on Your Fear
Fear often holds us back. And sometimes we're not even aware of it. Michael Angier shares how he gets clear on his fears are and what we can learn from them.
  Do You Know What the Stockdale Paradox is?
Blog entry: It's simple yet profound. Practice it and watch your forward progress accelerate.
  Are We Clear?
Michael Angier shares some insights about your full and unique potential—and why you might not be reaching it.
  My Observations on JV Alert LIVE - Gaining a New Perspective
 June 2006
  Yes, You Can—and You Should—Become Financially Independent
You owe it to yourself and those you love to free yourself from the power-robbing, creativity-stifling, worry-causing scourge of debt. And you CAN!
  The Positive, the Powerful and the Proven
Michael Angier talks about the importance of having consistent exposure to the things that help you excel.
  Are You Requesting or Demanding?
Some ideas on how we ask questions and whether or not we're truly making requests or issuing demands.
 May 2006
  Have You Lost Your Focus?
Michael Angier shares some ideas on dealing with distractions and setbacks.
 April 2006
  Buying Online: How Safe Is It?
Are you hesitant about buying online? Learn ways to reduce your risk and increase your comfort level when paying for things on The Net.
  Our Priorities: Doing What Matters Most
Being clear on the things that will provide the greatest payoff make life easier and success much more likely.
Investing in Best Practices
It's expensive to be a maverick. And it doesn't make sense to learn everything yourself. Here's how to learn the best practices from the best.
Before You Go Out to Change the World, Be Sure You Put Your House in Order
Making a real difference in the world is something we all want to do, but first we have to take care of what lies at hand.
Are You Leaving Money on the Table?
You may not even know how much you're missing out on if you don't calculate the OC. And we're not talking Orange County, either. Do you know and do you factor in your Opportunity Cost?
 March 2006
Business is All About Relationship
We may change jobs, cities and even industries, but the relationships we develop can last a long time. And they're worth cultivating—not only for the current situation, but for the rest of our lives. Take a look at some of Michael's recent experiences and see for yourself how important these relationships can become.
Your Net WORTH is Determined by Your NetWORK
Your network of clients, associates, partners, vendors and even competitors is—or should be—a cornerstone of your career and your business.
Innovation: Ideas Are Cheap—But Extremely Valuable
Is innovation and creativity something that can be developed or must we be born with it. Michael Angier believes we can all learn to be innovators.
 February 2006
Change Happens: How to Accept, Navigate and Master Change
How do you handle the rapid changes occurring all around you?
Are You Making New Connections?
Strategic alliances are a key part of your success. What are you doing to nurture and create good relationships with other business people?

Essential Email Etiquette
Mastering your email skills goes a long way towards forging a professional perception. These are the top email etiquette rules for kind and considerate email.

Forget Your Failings—Focus on Your Feats
See the power and the progress your "Win List" and your "Significant Accomplishments List" can create for you.
Do Your Goals Have Enough Gravity?
How serious, ambitious and “weighty” goals have attraction power.
 January 2006
The New Average: How Average Has Become Excellent
The good news: It's getting easier and easier to stand out. The bad news is our standards and expectations may be falling.
The Ball Doesn’t Remember—the Past Doesn’t Matter
Some interesting ideas on how the past affects and DOESN'T affect our future.
Prepare to Win
There's no such thing as an overnight success. Here's some beginning steps to setting yourself up to win and win big.
Staying on Track
Being successful demands being consistent in doing the things that matter. What follows are some proven tactics that have worked well for many.
Hitting Some Out of the Park: The Excitement of Personal Home Runs
Big goals are inspiring and every once in awhile, you have to swing for the bleachers.

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