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Please read carefully.
Your questions about how to link to us with your own affiliate code should all be answered here. Please do not email us until you have completely read this page and the email we sent you regarding this process.

To link to '101 Best Ways' sales page with your affiliate tracking id, use this link:

NOTE: The Xs MUST BE REPLACED with your affiliate. Id # in order to give you credit.

Redirect Pages
Instead of using this long and obvious referral code when linking to us, you can instead create a "redirect page." It will appear to others that they are about to visit a page on your site. And in fact, they are—but only for a moment. Your page redirects the visitor
to 101 Best Ways with your affiliate ID.

For example, you can create a page on your site and a link that looks like this:

Here's the code for the page/file named 101.htm:
In the HTML code (somewhere between <HEAD> and </HEAD>), insert (using copy and paste)


(Remember, the Xs must be replaced with your SuccessNet affiliate ID along with changing YOURDOMAIN to your actual domain name.)

That's it. A visit to your page sends them to our sales page with your tracking id. Short, professional, simple. Be sure to test it.

If you have questions, please email

ClickBank (40% commission—not 50%)
If you already have a ClickBank account, and would rather use ClickBank to promote 101 Best Ways, this is the link you should use:

Again, the Xs must be replaced with your "ClickBank Nickname".



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