This Could be Your Chance to be Personally Mentored by Michael Angier and Take You and Your
Business to a Whole New Level

Be One of the Select Few to Master Mind
Michael in His Inner Circle
Available by Application Only

If you're ready for a major breakthrough for your business—to experience exceptional growth, substantially more profits and real and lasting stability—you're invited to take an up-close and personal look at a highly effective system and approach that will transform your company into a WORLD CLASS Company.

Master Mind with Me and a Handful of
Entrepreneurs—and Together We Will
Transform Your Business—Guaranteed!


Several in-depth analyses of your business model, marketing plan and organizational structure. AND a customized strategic plan. That's right, you will end the year with a detailed long-range strategic plan for your business.

Michael Angier, here . . .
I've studied successful people and successful companies for over 30 years. I've also studied unsuccessful companies. And I've learned from both.

I've found very few people have succeeded on their own. Almost all of them used the MasterMind Principle—directly or indirectly.

If you're tired of going it alone, if you're sick of working hard and not making the progress you should, you should definitely read on.

Introducing The Inner Circle—Michael's Personal Master Mind
This is unlike any other training or coaching program you've ever experienced.
In just a few months we'll transform your business from good to great!

This executive mentoring system is
limited to only 5 entrepreneurs.
It will fill up fast. If you would like to be part of it, I urge you to apply today.

NOTE: Inner Circle also INCLUDES a Diamond Club Membership in
SuccessNet ($197/m value). If you are unfamiliar with
Club Master Mind Program
, you may find out more here.

My research identified 12 principles common to world class companies. They're practical, proven and timeless. We call them The 12 Pillars.

I've used these principles as a model for my own company and they've helped me to grow—more than doubling in sales and profits every year for each of the past three years. They have helped SuccessNet become one of the most trusted and respected enterprises of its type. We are on a constant and never-ending quest to live up to The 12 Pillars.

If you would like to understand, incorporate and reap the benefits from these principles in your organization, this exclusive executive mentoring program may be for you.

I'm conducting a comprehensive, hands-on experience that will lead you step-by-step in learning, implementing and integrating the 12  Pillars of a World Class Business. In addition, we'll analyze your business and make the improvements to double or even triple your profits while developing systems to enable you to take more time off.

This program will give you the strategies, tactics and tools you need to blast
through the roadblocks to your business growth.

In a nutshell, The Inner Circle is about gaining and maintaining clarity, staying focused and
consistently making progress toward substantial business growth.

This Program May Be For You if You . . .

  • run a successful organization but are no longer satisfied with where you are

  • want to create something extraordinary

  • want to create a legacy

  • are determined to create breakthroughs in your industry and know the value of building a solid foundation in order to support those breakthroughs

  • want to create a company that can last 100 years or longer

  • want to take your business to the next level, and want to work ON your business in addition to working IN your business

  • aren't satisfied with just making a profit, but want to make a lasting difference and contributionand still make big profits

  • are frustrated with the rate of your business growth

  • are determined to break through to a new level of prosperity

  • are open-minded and willing to change your beliefs, habits and behaviors

  • are inspirationally dissatisfied—you want real passion back into your business

Why We Created this Program
I’ve learned and developed critical strategies that can easily be replicated to create substantial breakthroughs in the way you view, operate and experience your business. Working together, we'll make these concepts, tactics and tools live and work in your business—they will become part of your company DNA.

If you’d like to take your business to the next level, if you'd
like to double—or even triple—your business in the next
18 months, then you'll want to be part of this
unique experience.

This Can Be a Major Turning Point for You and Your Organization
Almost all success stories of individuals and companies can be traced back to one single point in time—to one decision or event—that made a profound change in the way they operated. The EMC can be that kind of a breakthrough for you.

“If you don't like change, you're going to
like irrelevance even less.”

—General Eric Shinseki
Chief of Staff, U. S. Army

The payback has been impressive—a 31% increase over last year.”

“I plunged into SuccessNet this year with both feet by signing up and haven't looked back since!

Last year I took 100% ownership of a partnership, started up a new company, increased my real estate holdings by 5x, and have plans to start a new venture with national aspirations. I'm indebted to Michael, my Master Mind Team and SuccessNet for the support and specific ideas I have gathered from them throughout the year.

They have helped me:

  • tighten up my business planning with specific tools

  • identify resources on the web I've used, that I would never have found

  • consider new ways to accomplish more with less time—and given me the tools to do it

  • given me marketing ideas from outside my 'industry' that are fresh and insightful

  • offered a support network when I needed it

  • and more . . .

I chose this year to 'invest' in my future with SuccessNet and EMC, and can tell you, the payback has been impressive. 

I've found the best way to success is to skip the early mistakes, learn what the best do and emulate them from the start. SuccessNet is loaded with 'the best' and you'll ramp up whatever it is you do by connecting with them! 

—Mike Conroy


Be prepared for discoveries, ahas, insights and significant leaps forward.

Make your business work FOR YOU instead of you working for your business.

Ordinary people can produce extraordinary results if they have the clarity, the tools and the beliefs to make it happen. And by participating in the EMC, you’ll have all that and more for you to create an exceptional company.

What to Expect
Plan on customized information designed to transform the way you do business. With what you learn in this program, you’ll be launching knock-down-the-walls, kick-in-the-doors strategies to boost your business to a whole new dimension.

This is not some kind of rah-rah motivational program with pie-in-the-sky promises and irrelevant solutions. This is an intensive hands-on interactive coaching and masterminding experience where you'll identify what's holding you back and actively solve problems and grow your business.

You'll learn strategies and techniques you can use right away to start making your business a World Class Business.

We won't just talk about it, we'll DO it.

A little bit about me . . .

Michael E. Angier
Founder of and the World Class
Business Conference™ and author of 101 Best Ways to Get Ahead and 101 Best Ways to Be Your Best.


Click here for bio.

 Listen to a 4-min. clip of me talking about World Class Companies. You'll see a little bit of how passionate I am about these principles and what they can do for you.

                 And what people are saying about their experience with me and World Class Business . . .

“Growth and Prosperity”

“Michael has been very instrumental in the success of my business. He helped me get clear on a difficult decision which created an extremely profitable breakthrough for my business  .  .  . a whole new level of growth and prosperity for my business.”


—Jack Bolowskie
Krav Maga of Dallas, TX


Benefits of Participating

In this program you will . . .

  Identify your hidden strengths and communicate them effectively

  Learn how the 12 Pillars can build a business that will stand the test of time

  Put the fun back into your marketing and your business

  Create sustainable growth

  Stop leaving money on the table by uncovering hidden revenue streams in your   business you may have overlooked

  Create strong connections and build your professional network

  Get the support and accountability you need to increase your business

  Eliminate long hours, unnecessary busy work and crippling marketing failures that are limiting the success of your business

  Feel good about your business and your life again



“Invaluable Material”

“I highly recommend working with Michael and being part of a group of like-minded entrepreneurs if you want to create a World Class Business and a world class life. Using a coach and having a mastermind team is the sure road to success.”


—Gurusahay Khalsa, DC, DiplAc
GRD Clinic


This Program is NOT For You if . . .

  • You have not yet started a business

  • You are unwilling to take an honest look at your organization

  • You are not open to new—and sometimes revolutionary—ideas

  • You are unable or unwilling to maintain the confidentiality of the team

  • You're not willing to play 100% full out


What We'll Be Doing . . .

  • Meeting as a mastermind team twice a month with me as the facilitator

  • Conducting hot seats to brainstorm your new projects and solve your problems

  • Learn the Ten Pillars of a World Class Business—what they are, how to remember them, what they mean and how to make them live and work in you and your company

  • See what areas of your business need additional attention and what areas should be leveraged

  • Analyze your business to see where you're leaving money on the table

  • Brainstorm solutions to the problems you're facing in taking your business to a higher level

  • Build the foundation and lay the groundwork for a company that can grow—and grow rapidly and grow consistently

  • Develop a strong master mind alliance that will likely continue for years to come well after the program finishes

The maximum benefit is achieved by participating in each bi-weekly call. But each conference call will be recorded in order to accommodate those who may have to miss part or all of a particular mastermind meeting and to allow all participants to review each training.

What You Get by Enrolling (plus thousands of dollars in bonuses) . . .

  • All benefits of Diamond Club worth over $3,000
    (includes Gold Membership)

  • 24 conference training calls including personalized training and coaching with me and other experts

  • at least 24 mastermind meetings (via teleconference)

  • my personal telephone number AND my cell phone number to call me at any time

  • Lifetime Gold Membership in Success Networks (or 5 gift memberships) — $497 value

  • The entire audio collection of all of the training calls—priceless

  • Private Inner Circle Forum to work together with other Inner Circle members and access special resources

  • introductions to my circle of movers and shakers from around the world

  • 2 tickets to 2010 SuccessNet Summit in Dallas ($994 value)

  • And many other bonuses, eBooks and tools too numerous to mention

As a participant, you'll become a member of my inner circle. My rolodex will be yours.
I'll introduce you to my valuable contacts from around the globe.

“Michael Angier’s program is one of the best things I’ve done for myself and for my clients. The benefits have far surpassed the membership fee. The variety, volume and quality of the resources is amazing.


I’ve grown to trust Michael’s resources and his business acuity so much that I am participating in his MasterMind Program and getting to experience more of and Michael’s expertise. Since I coach my own clients, I am very selective about which programs I participate in, draw information from and refer to my clients. Michael’s program is truly outstanding.


But beyond the quality of the resources, the aspect that most attracts me to SuccessNet is the personal integrity and sincerity of Michael and his staff. They truly do deliver more than they promise. His “down-to-earth” common-sense approach to business and life makes him believable and approachable. His manner of interacting with his clients is very thoughtful, warm and genuine. These qualities—often hard to find in busy executives—sets Michael and far above other organizations.”

—Judy Whalen, Wisconsin


Michael says, “If you're accepted into My MasterMind Program, I will open the vault of SuccessNet's treasures for you. Thousands of dollars worth of products will
be yours for the asking”.

Think what it will be like to build your business with the knowledge, the structure, the contacts and the CONFIDENCE to double or triple your business. What would it mean for you, your family, your community, your customers and suppliers, vendors?


When you receive your application, fill it out and send it to me for my review and a personal phone call from me.

Your information will never be sold, shared, rented or provided to any
other third parties at any time for any reason.

This program is limited to only a small group of participants. We will meet every other  week via
teleconference starting in January. It will kick off a facilitated Master Mind Team with
ample access to me and a select group of experts joining the calls.

Twelve months of coaching, training, mentoring and networking. $497/month.
NOTE: The Inner Circle INCLUDES Diamond Club Membership—AND a
$1,182 discount to an intimate retreat at Michael's home in Florida.


This is a limited-time offer and may be withdrawn without notice.
We further reserve the right to stop taking applications at any time.


The program is backed by a conditional money-back guarantee. At any point in the first six months, if you don't feel you've gotten more than your investment back, we'll refund what you've paid.

Condition 1: You must have attended or listened to all training calls provided and attended at least 80% of your MasterMind Team Meetings.

Condition 2: You must inform us of any dissatisfaction and allow us 45 days to make right whatever isn't working for you. If after 45 days, you still feel you’ve not gotten all you paid for, we will issue you a refund.


Yes, Michael, I'm ready to put a real foundation under my business and take it to new levels of sustainable profitability and service.
Your Name:
Primary Email:

Make it a great day—and a great future!


If you have questions, you may call me on my personal number at

The exercises, the information and the strategies I've
put together for this program can make today a changing day
in your company and your life.


No, Michael, I'm just not ready to make this commitment. But I would like to find out what's involved with being part of your Diamond Club.

PS: We reserve the right to stop taking applications at any time. Once we close the program, it’s closed. If you want to be considered, you must act now.

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