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  OK, What's the Catch?

Michael Angier, here, to explain what in the heck we're up to with my new book promotion.

The question on some people's minds might be, "Why would you give away over $800 worth of products to sell a $20 book?"

It's a fair question.

And some others might even think the whole thing is a bit gimmicky. My own brother told me so. Others might say, "Gosh, if you have to give that much stuff away to sell the book, it can't be very good."

OK, so here's the scoop . . .

Our bonus package this week is somewhat similar to many of the popular bestseller promotions for Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Except that ours isn't intended to make me an Amazon bestseller. My goal is to simply sell a thousand books to my subscribers in less than a week. It's fun, it's profitable, and I'm willing to reward you handsomely for helping me achieve my goal.

I'm fortunate to have a good number of friends, colleagues and fellow publishers and authors who think enough of me and my work to contribute to our promotion and give away some of their signature products.

It's a way for them to support me in launching my new book as well as showcase some of their fine work. It's a triple win—they win, we win and YOU win!

This book will be a bestseller. I plan to make that happen because I believe in what it has to offer.

And I'm not the only one who thinks it's valuable—others believe in it, too. I know that when you get your copy, you'll want to be telling others about it.

Now, if you just can't wait until Tuesday, you can take a sneak peak at all the bonuses we've put together and find out what the book is all about. Just go here.

Even though it says you must order on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, you can order now if you'd like. And I'll make sure you get all the bonuses.

In addition, we're offering free shipping and handling for any orders over $25 (just like Amazon). Order several copies of the new book or the set of "101 Best Ways to Get Ahead" and "101 Best Ways to Be your Best" and you pay no shipping and handling.

So there you have it.

I want to help you with a great book—and a bunch of bonuses. I want to help you reach your unique potential. And I'm hoping you're willing to invest in that and help me reach my goal by placing an order now.

Full details about the book and the bonuses can be found here.

Make it a Great Day!

Michael Angier, founder and CIO
(Chief Inspiration Officer) of
SuccessNet—Where Your Success
is Our Business!



Press Release for 101 Best Ways to Be Your Best

Foreword by JoAnna Brandi


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Only $19.95
When You
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The Top Ten Reasons
You Should Buy This Book