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What if the Most Successful People
in the World Gave You their Best Advice
to Help You Achieve Your Highest Potential?

What kind of difference would that make in your life—personally and professionally?

Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, Richard Branson

Rudy Giuliani, Tiger Woods, The Dalai Lama, Anita Roddick

Tony Blair, Lance Armstrong, and 91 others 



Written by Michael Angier
with Sarah Pond

Perfect bound, 216 pages, 101 pieces of solid gold advice, fully indexed bios on
The 101 Most Successful and scores of other resources, $19.95

“This is the book I wish I’d had as a young man. And since we couldn’t
find it even today,
we wrote it!

It will save you time, make you money and help you get where you want
to go. I personally guarantee it.

—Michael Angier


Real People, Real Success, Real Advice!
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Several months ago, we had an idea. It started as a spark, a lingering question: What advice would the most successful person in the world have for us?

That spark became a flame as we pursued the idea. We began to imagine getting that advice and sharing it with others. We envisioned the results of such advice on the lives of those who acted upon it. Soon the flame burned brighter as the vision grew stronger.

We imagined a whole group of successful men and women sharing their best advice on how to get ahead in the world. We saw how thousands of lives could be transformed by it—and how the world could be transformed. Soon it became clear this was an idea whose time had come.

The project was launched and the book was born—101 Best Ways to Get Ahead.

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“This is a great book, full of powerful,
practical ideas you can apply immediately to improve your life.”

What is 101 Best Ways to Get Ahead?
It’s your guide to achieving your goals and reaching your potential. It’s a reference.
It’s a catalog of the finest advice from the planet’s finest people—a tool to help you excel.

“ . . . . one of the most important books you will ever read . . . a collection of 101 of the most powerful ideas in the history of civilization!”

How can it make a difference?
Gain access to a wealth of wisdom and experience. Get personal advice from some of the greatest role models of our generation. Delve into the personalities and accomplishments of 101 of the most successful and respected men and women living today.

Discover what they have to say about getting ahead in the world today. Learn from them to ignite the passionate pursuit of your full potential.

We surveyed our readers from around the world. The results were compiled into a list of the top 101 people. The list represents a significant group of movers and shakers in the world today. Imagine the combined brain power. Imagine the wisdom. Imagine the advice.

But the best part of all is that YOU will be the benefactor.

101 Best Ways To Get Ahead will be a valuable resource you‘ll definitely want to have in your library.


“Wow! The wisdom of the true masters of success all wrapped up in a read that has you reeling with the feeling of total empowerment—and for less than dinner for two. Great job guys!”


“This book is a treasure trove of wisdom, filled with great advice and inspiring stories of smart, savvy, successful people from all walks of life. Don’t just read this book; devour it. Return to it over and over for motivation, inspiration and activation. This is not just another self-help book. It’s an action plan for life. Thank you, Michael and Sarah for gifting us these pearls of wisdom.”

Only $19.95

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“I’ve heard it said, ‘Beware the man who offers you new fundamentals. There are none. Fundamentals take time to get that way.’ Well, success guru Michael Angier has taken that advice to heart and compiled a list of 101 Success Fundamentals that are sure-fire, time-tested ways to get ahead. Michael and his team have combed the public record for simple, powerful and far-reaching wisdom anyone can use to improve their lot. My advice? Pick one idea each day and find some way to apply it—in three months you’ll be so much farther ahead, you won’t believe it.” 

100% Money-Back Guarantee

“101 Best Ways to Get Ahead is a jewel! Each one of the ‘Ways’ is short, concise, crisp and clear! Each has an Action Point so you can turn wisdom into reality fast! And wisdom isn’t all you get—the second half of the book profiles the 101 people who contributed to it and is connected to web sites, articles and additional relevant material about that luminary. Looking for a mentor, a model, a teacher? Follow the links through and find out even more about what successful people think about, do and believe. A hearty Thank You to Michael Angier and Sarah Pond for distilling the wisdom of so many of our contemporary heroes and ‘she-roes’ and making it so easy to access. A job well done!”


“What a priceless collection! I quickly skimmed it and kept stopping at true words of wisdom. There is something here for everyone, no matter your mood or your profession. I love it!”

Only $19.95

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“Michael and Sarah have compiled a rich resource of both inspiration and practical advice, all easily accessible in 101 Best Ways to Get Ahead. It is unique in that it offers pithy advice delivered straight up, followed by inspiring mini biographies of some of the most fascinating and successful people alive today. This book is user friendly because of the way it is organized to value the reader's time, i.e., you can go directly to the subject of your interest and find timeless wisdom to guide you on your way to getting ahead.”

“If you only read one book this year, this should be it! You won’t find a more powerful, concise and useful collection of real-world success advice anywhere. It gets right to the point and delivers only the best of the best. The bar has just been raised on self-development literature worldwide. No success library is complete without this book. Should be required reading for everyone on the planet!”



“Warning! This eBook will change your life! The sage advice of 101 of the most note-worthy individuals living in the world today and picked by those of us who aspire to leave legacies ourselves! Wow! As a former educator, one of the items I really like about this eBook is that it is not just another eBook filled with information to clutter our minds. No way! This eBook is written with the student in mind. It delivers information screened by personal experiences. It delivers knowledge, skills and attitudes! It is truly a masterpiece for those who are students of personal and professional success. For me, the bottom-line criteria for a successful eBook is that it compels the reader into action. This eBook does that! And it does so in a way for the reader to meaningfully and personally reflect.

Read it, and more importantly, take action on its advice. What you will find yourself doing is using it to launch you into focused, outcome-driven action. And of course action is the ultimate answer to moving your life forward both personally and professionally! I whole-heartedly recommend this eBook. You won’t be disappointed!”



“Michael Angier and Sarah Pond have created the definitive how-to book for the successful dreamer. With this book and a few ounces of ambition, there isn’t a creative goal out there that couldn’t be mastered happily and efficiently.”

Only $19.95

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Bonus Success Strategies ($14.95 value)
Do You Know and Practice the Proven Strategies for Success? This book will make you think and think again about what you do and what you DON'T do to achieve your goals. It contains dozens of resources that BY THEMSELVES would be worth the cover price.



“Michael Angier’s 101 Best Ways to Get Ahead is an absolute dynamite display of powerful success principles all wrapped up in one book. Tap into the immense knowledge in this ebook and put it into action! You’ll be incredibly glad you did.”


“This extraordinary book is going to be around for a long, long time. Actually, it has the feel of a true success-inspiring classic. This is real advice by many of the most awesome leaders in today's world. Copies of 101 Best Ways to Get Ahead will continue to live on the ‘inspiration’ corner of my desk, by my bedside and on my family and special friends gift-list.”

“The best way I’ve found to read this book is to clear my mind, focus on my goal, then open the book to where I’m guided; and live my day following the action step that Michael has so succinctly summarized. Michael’s drive and passion for understanding and living what constitutes the successful life, shines brightly through all these pages.

Thanks, Michael, for gathering this essential knowledge all in one place.”

“WOW! A Lifetime of Timeless Wisdom in One Powerful Little Book! I was really excited when I heard about this book. With all the so-called guru’s out there it’s hard to know who to trust. What’s cool about 101 Best Ways to Get Ahead is that you get to see inside the heads of the world’s most influential people—people who have changed the face of history. And to learn firsthand the powerful lessons that shaped these people was exhilarating. I mean, I couldn’t put it down. Read it and you’ll see. People will be talking about this book for years to come. I know I will!”

Only $19.95

Members Order Here for $5 Discount

Order Multiple Copies and Save!
Plus, you pay Shipping and Handling only on the FIRST book.
All additional books are free!

Download info and bonus access is sent to you immediately upon purchase.
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surprisingly nominal cost.

100% Money-Back Guarantee



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